"Monster Attack Team" No. 8

Above, the cover of "Monster Attack Team" #8.

by Armand Vaquer

There's a "new" magazine that's just been announced: Monster Attack Team (issue #8). The folks behind MAT describe it as "the seminal magazine devoted to Japanese monsters and super-heros." It is an old 'zine with a fresh perspective.

From the photos at the magazine's website, the graphics and layouts in the magazine shows an exciting flair. There's nothing stodgy-looking about it from what I can see.

Also, the list of articles indicates that the magazine is presenting a variety of topics by different contributors from Godzilla to Ultraman, instead of being dominated by one or a few. Many Japanese science-fiction and fantasy film historians of note are contributors to this issue.

The list of articles (from their website) include:

Go Go Godzilla
Patricia Rodriguez parties kaiju-style in Dallas, Texas.

Monster Toy Madness
Japanese style toys are the big thing for sculptors.

The Last Showakan Picture Show
August Ragone looks back with fondness of the end of a cinematic era.

Big Man Japan
Mini review by Steve Norwood.

Kikaida 01
David McRobie provides an overview and episode guide to the classic Toei tokusatsu series.

Kamen Knowledge
Who was that masked cricket motorcycle man? August Ragone knows!

Godman and Greenman
Mike Bianco explains how Toho kept school children occupied for five minutes at a time in the 1970’s.

Working Among the Monsters
Would you like to have Ultraman as your boss? Brad Warner did, and made it happen.

The Fantastic Cinema of Kinji Fukasaku
M.G. Keller gives an overview of the director’s sci-fi and fantasy films.

The Ultraman That Almost Was
M.G. Keller, Don Glut and Alex Wald provide insight into a fascinating project that never saw the light of day.

The Selling of Japanese Science Fiction
Ed Godziszewski shares knowledge and visuals of fantastic Japanese film posters and advertising.

The Last Dinosaur
Stuart Galbraith IV talks about the latest DVD release of the 1970’s Tsuburaya telefilm.

Tik Tak Talk
Lock up your daughters and brush up on your boxing. Tak Sakaguchi is in town, and M.G. Keller has an exclusive interview with him.

Putting Faces To Names
We enjoy their movies, but could we pick them out in a crowd? David Milner could, and gives us a visual reference to do so.

Wataru Mimura and Hiroshi Kashiwabara
MJ Simpson provides an interview with these two Godzilla screenwriters.

Jail Time
Jail O’Hashi is the guitarist for rock band Seikima-II. Edward Holland has a chat with Demon’s right hand axe-man.

Shut Your Venus Flytrap!
Think you’ve seen it all? How about a Japanese monster movie made by the US military and written by Ed Wood? Dr. Robert Kiss fills us in.

Not Just A Burnt Lizard
Nikkatsu’s Daikaiju Gappa was a monster never seen before and not seen since. Bob Johnson has the lowdown.

Ten Questions With Damon Foster
Edward Holland interviews the enfant terrible of Asian film fandom.

The Taste of Tea
Mini review by Crystal Decker-Norwood.

Monsters, Minatures & Magic
Steve Ryfle gives us an insider’s look at the recent documentary.

Ultraman, Path Towards Resurrection
Edward Holland has a few words about the show that gave MAT its name.

The Green Behemoth
Edward Holland gets some words of illumination and wisdom from August Ragone.

The creators are offering the book (well, it is 132 pages thick) in two versions: full color interior ($23.00 plus shipping & handling) and black & white interior ($9.00 plus shipping & handling). Both versions will have the full color cover. This may seem pricey, but the editors say that the money would be well-spent.

As I mentioned, MAT is an old name, stretching back to the original issues of the 1990s. According to the MAT website:

It started as a small newsletter and blossomed into a full-blown Japanese monster funbag - joining the ranks of similar themed zines such as G-FAN, KAIJU REVIEW and ORIENTAL CINEMA. During its time, Ed Holland was assisted in his editorial role by David May and then Michael Keller, and ran articles by genre luminaries such as August Ragone, Kip Doto, Damon Foster and Ed Godziszewski.

Like The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan, Monster Attack Team is also being published through ComiXpress.

For more information, ordering, and to get a peek at the issue, go here.

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