Club Tokyo: A G-collectors' Database

Above, a porcelain Godzilla figure (owned by yours truly). Is it listed at Club Tokyo?

Club Tokyo: A G-collectors' Database

by Armand Vaquer

Fans of any subject, genre or person tend to collect items associated with that particular passion. Godzilla (and kaiju) fans are no exception.

Some collect movie memorabilia such as posters, lobby cards and theater giveaways. Others will collect toys, action figures, VHS tapes, DVDs and other items.

There is one place where all Godzilla and kaiju collectors can get information on virtually all collectibles: Club Tokyo.

Club Tokyo is a website database in which all items are catalogued with a history of each item, including variants, are presented. It is overseen by Richard Cox, Mike Johnson and Bob Schneider.

Club Tokyo has been around since July 28, 1998 and it is constantly updated by Cox, Johnson and Schneider with the help from fan contributors. I've contributed a few items.

The site is broken down into different categories, such as figures, candy/capsule toys, theater exclusives, kits, prototypes, articles, paperwork, miscellaneous and reviews.

If there's been an item produced concerning Godzilla, Gamera or other kaiju, chances are it has been catalogued at Club Tokyo. If not, and you have the item, feel free to contribute the information on it!

So, if you are a collector of Godzilla and kaiju items, you will want to take a look at Club Tokyo. It is very easy to lose track of time while perusing it.

Their website is

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  1. The site is great, but stay out of the forums


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