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Isn't it amazing how things always happen in 'threes'?

Here I was, about to post a quick little article about the new DVD art for Shout! Factory's upcoming Gamera releases, when I get a couple of emails from my buddy Avery Guerra about two more really cool DVDs that are set to be released later this Fall.

Not wanting to spend all day writing up a bunch of articles on these upcoming DVD releases I, like I generally do in these instances, opted to create one article that includes everything.

So here we go:


Honestly I am a bit ashamed of the fact that, until about twenty minutes ago, I had never heard of this movie, which is a real shame because I would have loved to have written another article on it, and also because after watching the trailer (below) "House of the Wolf Man" is now on the top of my 'must have' DVD list.

Though filmed in 2009 this homage to the classic monster films from Universal, directed by Eben McGarr, has the look and feel as if it was filmed in the 1940s.

This one has it all, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, sexy dames, and a supporting cast of creepies that look as if they honestly stepped out of Hollywood's golden age of horror.

Oh, and most importantly, the film stars Ron Chaney, the son of Lon Chaney Jr., who played the Wolf Man in many of Universal's classics and the grandson of Lon Chaney, the legendary "Man of a Thousand Faces".

Rounding out the cast are John P. McGarr, Dustin Fitzsimons, Jeremie Loncka, Sara Raftery, Cheryl Rodes and Jim Thalman

The Plot:

Five strangers are invited to a castle under the pretense that one may inherit it. Little do they know what dangers await at the House of the Wolf Man.

Sounds like "House on Haunted Hill" meets "The Ghost of Frankenstein" ........ which is a good thing.

Look for "House of the Wolf Man" on DVD September 28th from Taurus Entertainment and Ryko Video.

After watching the trailer (at the bottom of this article) you will want to order this one from (Below)


Okay, this is what I originally set out to write about this morning.

As I reported last week, Shout! Factory will be releasing both the "Gamera Vs. Guiron" / "Gamera Vs. Jiger" (2 DVD Set) and the "Gamera Vs. Gyaos" / "Gamera Vs. Viras" (2 DVD Set) on September 21st.

Since that time the cover art for both of these Gamera DVD sets had been released, so I thought you might enjoy taking a look at them.

Speaking of Shout! Factory, and Gamera, kaiju know-it-all (and my friend) August Ragone will be heading a panel about Shout's two prior DVD releases, "Gamera Vs. Barugon" and "Gamera, The Giant Monster" tomorrow at noon at the San Diego Comic Con.

Here is the skinny:

Gamera, The Invincible!— Author August Ragone (Chronicle Books' Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters) presents a visual tribute to Godzilla's No. 1 rival, the original Mutant Flying Turtle himself: Gamera! This program celebrates the first official DVD release of the original 1960s-1970s film series from Shout! Factory, with commentary on how Gamera was created and how the films were made, as well as rare, behind-the-scenes photographs and clips. Find out if Gamera is really full of turtle meat in the Q&A and win copies of Shout!'s latest release Gamera vs. Barugon -- all in one colossal presentation guaranteed to knock you right out of your shell! Room 32AB

As luck would have it, I'm going to miss that one. My family has tickets for Friday, not Thursday.

As you can already assume, Amazon already has these two available for preorder:

Gamera Vs. Gyaos / Gamera Vs. Viras [Double Feature]DVD $17.99

Gamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger [Double Feature] DVD $17.99


Speaking of Japanese monster movies, here is one that didn't get much press, "Demeking, The Sea Monster".

Just like how "Gappa, The Monster From a Prehistoric Planet" really came from an island, not outer space, "Demking" hails from space, not from the sea.

Isn't amazing how American distributors always get these things wrong? Don't they even watch these movies before they give them an English title?

Anyway, Cinema Epoch will be releasing this one on DVD October 12th.

Here is the plot:

Set in a dreary port town in 1970, the story revolves around a group of boys led by the older Kameoka (Kohei Kiyasu) who form their own exploration group. One day Kameoka meets a strange man named Hachiya (Takeshi Nadagi) who works at the local amusement park. Hachiya is convinced a vision of the future he experienced is real, and one day he will have to fight a giant monster called Demeking to stop it from destroying Tokyo. When the time comes, Hachiya suddenly up and leaves. However, with the guidance of a note he leaves behind, Kameoka and his friends set off on an adventure to discover the true nature of Demeking.

sounds like a 'coming of age' story, but in actuality it is about a giant alien snail that comes to Earth to slime everything up ......... which is also a good thing.

You know, Amazon, buy now ..... blah, blah, blah....

No, Really, Buy Now From Amazon!

Okay, I went a little nuts there. It's been a long morning.

Here is that "House of the Wolf Man" trailer I promised you, plus some more promo pics from the film as well. Enjoy!

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