Mecha King Kong Figure - Open Mouth Variant - By Raymundo

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Big Bad Toy Store

Mecha King Kong, or Mechani-Kong, as he is known in Japan, is a robotic copy of the original King Kong that appeared in the 1967 movie "King Kong Escapes"!

Raymundo has produced a very limited number (250 in all) of these "Mecha Gorilla" figures and the Big Bad Toy Store is the only place to get them.

As most collectors of Japanese monster toys already know, the last time that a figure based on the Toho version of Kong was produced was way back in the early 1990s by Bandai, so you may want to snatch this one up while you can.

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Mecha King Kong Bio (From Wiki):

Mechani-Kong was both designed and built by the international criminal, Dr. Who, to mine the radioactive Element X from the Arctic underground, but the robotic ape failed his creator, the radiation of Element X damaging his controls. However, Dr. Who came up with another plan to abduct the real King Kong and using Mechani-Kong, hypnotize Kong to mine Element X instead. However, the combination of Kong’s mind and the cries of Nurse Susan Watson, who Kong had a liking for, were able to overcome the hypnotism and Kong escaped to Tokyo, with both Mechani-Kong and Dr. Who in hot pursuit.

In Tokyo, King Kong and Mechani-Kong battled up the side of Tokyo Tower, both monsters getting their shots in on one another. In the end, an attack back on Dr. Who's ship crippled Mechani-Kong’s controls and turned the tide of battle in Kong's favor. The crippled Mechani-Kong then fell from the tower, crashing into the street below and shattering into several pieces.

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