High-Res Star Trek Into Darkness Stills

From Empire Online

This month's issue of Empire is a J.J. Abrams spectacular, and so, as you might have guessed, it features plenty of Star Trek Into Darkness goodness, including out fold-out three-sheet front cover, exclusive on-set access and many, many stills - stills you can now check out online to whet your Trekkie appetite. A few things to note: Spock looks a little like Dr. Manhattan/any number of Prometheus cast members in that space suit, Bones seems to be giving Harrison his number and that Mc-3921 thingummy is very intriguing indeed. Do you have any of your own guesstimations to make? Let us know in the comment box below.Also, check out our Star Trek Into Darkness trailer breakdown here for lots more extra detail...Featuring Chris Pine's Captain Kirk to Zachary Quinto's Spock, as well as newbies Alice Eve (Carol Marcus)


(Photos After The Break)


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