The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)(20th Century Fox)

A spaceship from another world has landed on The Mall across from the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Hundreds of witnesses watched as the strange craft circled the city, then touched down on an open baseball field.

Members of the local National Guard were alerted and arrived within minutes. Their brave job, to secure the area and to protect the populous from any alien invasion. Despite warnings a large crowd gathered behind the perimeter.

The craft remained motionless for some time, until without any warning, a long ramp emerged from the craft and some sort of doorway formed above it. One lone being emerged from inside, wearing some kind of military uniform. Unprovoked the creature then pulled a device, most likely a weapon of unimaginable terror, from his garments. One brave soldier, fearing for the safety of his fellow comrades and the crowd around him, opened fire dropping the creature in his tracks. It was at that moment that the second, much larger, being emerged from the craft. Using what can only be described as a "death ray" the creature destroyed several tanks. Only after commands from the first being did the creature stop it's attack.

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