Wonder Woman '77: An Interview with Writer Marc Andreyko

From DC Comics

For a certain generation of fans, actress Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman. For them, it’s impossible to think of the Amazonian Princess without thinking of her disco theme song, flashy spins, or most importantly the striking actress who embodied her on the ‘70s-era Wonder Woman TV show. Nearly four decades have passed since that show hit the air, but much like the Adam West Batman TV series before it, the classic Wonder Woman is back—as a brand new, digital first comic series.

Written by Marc Andreyko, WONDER WOMAN ’77 debuts digitally today with a disco-driven adventure that serves up polyester and punches in equal measure and that boasts impressive likenesses of the shows two leads (Carter and actor Lyle Waggoner, who played Steve Trevor) by artist Drew Johnson. Embracing its ‘70s setting wholeheartedly, it promises to be a distinctly lighter take on Diana that should be a welcome return for viewers who grew up with the TV series and a fun surprise to fans who haven’t ever seen it.

To learn more about this brand new comic book, and to get a better understanding of the importance of the show, we sat down with Andreyko to discuss Carter, embracing the 1970s and why the Wonder Woman theme song should be our national anthem.

For fans who haven’t ever seen the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV show, how would you describe the show and your comic?

Wonder Woman ’77 follows the adventures of Princess Diana, the Amazon super hero known as Wonder Woman, who in her civilian identity is Agent Diana Prince who works for the government. Basically, it’s your typical, “I’ve got my secret identity. I’ve got my super hero life. I’m juggling those while fighting crime!”


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