Iron Man (1968 1st Series) #244, July 1989 Issue - Marvel Comics

Iron Man (1968 1st Series) #244, July 1989 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VF/NM

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1st printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has very few flaws that warrant a VF/NM grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Story by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. Art by Bob Layton.

Tony returns to the offices of Stark Enterprises ready to do business. But his board of directors are uncomfortable around him and are unsure how to deal with their wheelchair bound CEO. He discusses plans to develop a sonic scanner out of their Barstow Electronics subsidiary.

Meanwhile, Tony's corporate rivals swarm to take advantage of Stark's recent injury. Jonas Hale, CEO of the Roxxon Oil Corporation plans on making a strike against Barstow Electronics. He hires the Fixer to destroy the Barstow facility before the sonic scanner can reach the final stages of development. - Marvel Comics

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