Russell T Davies Talks About The Future In The Latest Issue Of 'Torchwood' Magazine

Written By: Ken Hulsey

After the incredible mini-series "Torchwood: Children of Earth", you would think that Russell T Davies would be spent. After all, he has just finished up, what very well may be, the greatest bit of British sci fi to ever grace the small screen. You would think that he would be somewhat frightened about having to come up with new shows that would either equal, or top, the events that transpired during this last season of "Torchwood."

You would think that, but that's not the case at all. Apparently Davies is already mapping out the next episodes of the show and he already has a good feel for how the show is going to move forward.

“I could write you scene one of series four right now”, says Davies. “I know exactly how to pick it up. I’ve got a shape in mind, and I’ve got stories. I know where you’d find Gwen and Rhys, and their baby, and Jack, and I know how you’d go forward with a new form of Torchwood.”

At this point, it will be up to the BBC to determine if the show goes back to an episode-by-episode format, or if the series will continue on like "Children of Earth, as one continuous episode, shown over multiple nights. Either way, Davies is ready.

“If the BBC asked for another 13 one-part stories, that’s what we’d do”, explains Davies, "I’m ready for anything, but I think it works well as one continuous story. But if the BBC decide they want 13 one-offs, I’ll suddenly decide that’s the best format in the world!”

It would be hard to argue with wanting to produce another mini-series event for "Torchwood" after the huge success of "Children of Earth" on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite the deaths of three of the shows main characters, something that would cripple most programs, the popularity of "Torchwood" seems to be at a high point, a fact that will certainly make the BBC think carefully about the future of the show.

At this point there is no news about 'bumping-up' the filming schedule of the series to try and ride the 'wave' created by "Children of Earth." So far it is business as usual for Davies and his production team. Fans will just have to wait until next year to find out what happens to Jack, Gwen and Rhys.

That time will seem like an eternity for us "Torchwood" fans who were left wanting more after watching "Children of Earth."

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