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Torchwood: Children Of Earth - Day One

Source: BBC America

Intro By Ken Hulsey

American sci fi fans rejoice! Tonight BBC America will air the first episode of "Torchwood: Children of Earth" an amazing mini-series that blew fans in the UK away when it aired earlier this month.

The first two seasons of "Torchwood" were absolutely amazing, if you missed them, then you need to buy them or watch them online, because you have missed the best that sci fi television has to offer my friend!

This third series, which was produced as one 5-hour-long episode, aired over five consecutive nights, has been raved about by fans, deeming it the best series yet!

As you can tell, I'm very geeked up about this! I'm literally counting down the hours until air-time.

Here is all the promo info you could possibly want about the episode called "Day One":

Children of Earth - Day One

An ordinary day becomes one of terror, as every single child in the world stops and delivers a message to all the governments of Earth: "We are coming." As a trap closes around Captain Jack, the sins of the past are returning and long-forgotten events threaten to reveal an awful truth. Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto are helpless as events escalate to such a degree that mankind faces the end of civilization itself.

Part 1 airs Monday, July 20th, 9:00 - 10:15 p.m. et/pt.

Series Synopsis:

Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones return for a brand-new adventure in Torchwood – Children Of Earth, a new five-part series for BBC One.

An ordinary day becomes a world of terror, as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to all the governments of Earth: "We are coming".

But as a trap closes around Captain Jack, sins of the past are returning, as long-forgotten events from 1965 threaten to reveal an awful truth.

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, Britain risks becoming a rogue state, with the mysterious and powerful 456 drawing ever closer.

For More Info, Including Synopsis, Cast And Character Info, And An Interview With Russell T Davies - Continue


Variety - By Brian Lowrey

Crafted as a limited series that owes as much to the sci-fi classic "Village of the Damned" as to its two prior seasons, "Torchwood: Children of Earth" is a crackerjack, fabulously entertaining thriller. Although John Barrowman reprises his role as Capt. Jack Harkness -- the mysterious, seemingly immortal head of a team founded in the 19th century to thwart extraterrestrial threats -- the project makes like any good politician, catering to its base while inviting the uninitiated to join the party. Spread over five nights, it plays like an expanded version of what "The X-Files" movies should have been.


Hero Press - By Acrobatic Flea

Leaving no room for breath, Torchwood: Children Of Earth burst onto our screens this evening with the best hour of Torchwood we've yet seen.

It was quite literally an explosive start to the compact five-part (over five nights) series, and I wonder if it will be able to maintain this breakneck pace for the next four days or whether we're in for a slow patch around Wednesday as everyone slows down to get their second wind.

The story began in Scotland 40 years ago, with a group of children being abducted by an alien race known as the 456, then immediately sprang forward to modern day with children around the world suddenly coming to a halt. The second time this happened, all the children announced, in a typically spooky alien voice: "We are coming."


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