New DOCTOR WHO Online Fan Group Launches

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Lisa Dullard

SciFi superfan Lisa Dullard has just created "All Of Time And Space; A Doctor Who Fan Group" for both the casual and the die hard fan of the long running UK television series.

In her words:

A friend of mine recently started a SciFi/Fantasy/Horror forum over at - and that forum hosts my DW group as well. You're welcome to join us! We're still new, so we could use all the members we can get. http://

Doctor Who fan group, for both Classic Who and New Who.  The rather obvious purpose of this group is to share our love for the Doctor, in all of his incarnations.  Discussion of the various branches of the world of Doctor Who(Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, books, comics, music etc.) are also encouraged.

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