The Debut Of Celeste Cartier & Menage A Trois

Written By: Celeste Cartier

Hello My Friends!

I know you won't read all this, but truly, there's some good stuff in here to know!!

Be sure to repost this event to your friends on your Facebook pages. I know lots of people are looking to hook up for carpools so that can be discussed on the main event page!! I look forward to seeing you all and thank you very much for your support. I know it will be a lot of fun for all to be had!!

The Line Up is as follows:

6:00pm Doors open -come visit our vendors, have dinner, take photos with the cuties, etc.

7:00pm In an ideal world we will be ready to have THE HOT ROD TRIO go on at this time, but it may be as late as 7:30pm since a lot of people may be in traffic.

9:00pm I will be hosting the PinUp Contest with my special panel of guest judges. This is a CLASSIC 40s-50s pageant open to all shapes, sizes, colors, types of women. Winners will be judged on personality, clothing, hair, makeup and overall look.

9:30pm Celeste Cartier (moi) and my new jazz trio, Menage A Trois will be making our first debut appearance feating Sabine Pothier on keys, Kaytlin Hansen on bass and our guest performer, Tino Marrufo on drumkit.

Party goes until 11:30 then you can scoot on to your next LA, Long Beach or OC party or head back home to SD or your hotel, wherever the wind blows!!

If you haven't already, please visit my FAN Page too and select "like" on it. I'm trying to build my list of followers.

By the way, it's CASH ONLY at the door so bring your cash ($8 cover). Cash only for the t-shirts ($12 each) and other items we are selling. It's only $5 to take a photo with The Cuties & the proceeds go to the San Diego Animal Support Foundation, a private, volunteer dependent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in overburdened, underfunded local shelters and rescues. I do believe a couple vendors take plastic and I know the restaurant does, but be sure to have both on hand!

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