Two Great New Video Clips Of Robot Taekwon V

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Avery Guerra / Twitch / RobotTaekwonV (via Youtube)

Hold on to your butts giant robot fans around the world, because we have two, count em, two brand new videos for you featuring Korea's greatest defender, and Mazinger clone, "Robot Taekwon V". The first features some great test animation shots, for a live-action film adaptaion of the hugely popular series that first aired in Korea back in 1976 after fans went ga-ga for the Japanese animed robot feature, "Mazinger." This brand new movie is being directed by Won Shin-yeon of "Seven Days and A Bloody Aria" fame. The production is being handled by Shin Cine (My Sassy Girl), and the budget is estimated at 20 billion Korean Won (over 20 million USD). CGI and visual effects are done by a consortium of Korean VFX companies, including Macrograph , Mofac, Insight Visual, DTI (Digital Tetra Inc.) , and EON Digital Films.

I think its safe to say that this new version of "Taekwon V" will never be mistaken for the Japanese "Mazinger Z!"

Our second vid is of a great Korean TV spot featuring the giant robot walking down the highway, and for some reason, crawling under a set of signs and trying to squeeze through a toll station. I guess you really got yo know Korean to get the drift of this one, but it is a great clip none-the-less.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    The vid of Taekwon V trying to squeeze through a toll booth was funny, but there's another one where Taekwon V goes to a gas station that's absolutely hysterical!

    Thanks for posting these!

  2. I'm glad you liked these Dai Raion. I went looking for the one with Taekwon V trying to fill up at a gas station and couldn't find it.

    If anyone has a copy of that one....please send it to me and i will add it to my Youtube page.

    I guess that is one of the culteral differences between Koreans and Americans. If I had a giant robot, I wouldn't try to pay the toll. I would have just stepped on the toll both or blasted it with a laser or something......hey I'm a middle class American...all my money is precious!

  3. Hey Ken,

    Run the "toll booth" video until it ends and, when the list of additonal related clips comes up along the bottom of the screen, click on the second one. That should be it. Hope that helps!

  4. I found it! Thanks for tip! I just made a special post about it. ENJOY!

  5. this commercial is funny cause the girl is way younger then man.

    girl: honey

    Man: whaaat

    girl: you're happy I'm moving to
    Seoul, huh? (kinda teasing like "you're not gonna miss me much" comment)

    Man: Just Drive

    Man: Wha what is that.

    girl: what is it?

    Man:God it's Robot Tae Kwon V. Tae Know V!

    girl: What the hell is that? (meaning she doesn't know what tae kwon v is cause she's too young to know about that show)

    Man: Tae Kwon V! you know Robot tae Kwon V. Move over. wow that's cool

    girl: huh?

    Pilot 1: hyper mode engage. Low Crawl

    Man: Is that Hyper mode?

    Girl: Hyper mode?

    Man: Tae Kwon V's Special move, Hyper mode. Wow that's cool, huh he's stuck? There's no power to his hyper mode

    Pilot1: I don't understand. I put in the hyper drive but we're not getting any signal to it

    Pilot 2: You need to put in an HD attena you dolt!