Harley Quinn's Five Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

From DC Comics

The mercury is dropping, snow is starting to fall and the smell of gingerbread is in the air (at least, we HOPE that it’s gingerbread because it's getting really strong and we have no other explanation for it).

Yes, the holidays are upon us. Soon families will begin gathering together for memories, laughter and awkward, uncomfortable conversations around the dinner table when grandpa invites the 26-year-old massage therapist that he left grandma for to the festivities. Gifts will be opened, carols will be sung and children will playfully gather around the living room, sigh loudly when they discover they didn’t get the PS4 they wanted and storm off to their rooms to SnapChat with their friends. There will be moments of joy and merriment. There will be moments of quiet reflection. But in the end, we’ll remember the one truth that’s at the heart of the holiday season: No matter where you may be in life, the post-holiday traffic on the drive home will be horrendous.

Harley Quinn understands this, and she’s bringing the holiday spirit to comic shops worldwide this week with the just released HARLEY QUINN HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1. Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Mauricet, Brandt Peters, Darwyn Cooke and Billy Tucci, it’s a painfully funny reminder of all that’s special about this time of year. But it’s not all laughs and mayhem. The Harley Quinn Holiday Special also contains all you need to know to ensure your holidays are heavy on the mirth, magic and merriment, and light on the migraines. Here are five tips for enjoying the holidays that we learned from Harley Quinn.

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