Steve Bissette Creates Special Artwork For New Hampshire Screening Of King Kong vs Godzilla

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Dread Central

It seems that the battle between the two "biggest" names in monster movies is continuing unabated. Just a few weeks ago, King Kong and Godzilla's epic battle spilled into the London subway system, now it has reached the American east coast.

On April 24th there will be a special screening of a newly minted print of the 1962 classic "King Kong vs Godzilla" at the "Saturday Fright Special" at The Colonial Theatre in Keene, New Hampshire. Universal actually created this special print of the film just for this event!

In addition to being treated to one of the greatest monster battles of all-time, fans in attendance will be treated to a selection of classic monster movie clips, plus there will also be a give-away of a special "King Kong vs Godzilla" sketch drawn by artist Steve Bissette. Fans will also have a chance to win DVDs and "Saturday Fright Special" T-Shirts.

The Info:

King Kong vs Godzilla
April 24th - 7pm - $10
The Colonial Theatre
95 Main Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: 603.357.1233

For more in visit the "Saturday Fright Special" web site HERE

If these two titans can't be stopped, they will destroy America!

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  1. For those interested in attending this event, beyond the fact that you'll get a chance to see GIANT monsters on a giant-sized screen, see old movie trailers and other wacky film bits and see costumed SFS characters, we have other giveaways you can win. There will be dvds from Anchor Bay and Cinema Libre, t-shirts and a RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD skateboard from November Fire and of course signed copies of SR Bissette's comic TYRANT and his MIND-BLOWING sketch. Tickets are selling fast. This is going to be an amazing night!

    Saturday Fright Special

  2. Doesn't it make you wish that Toho would remake "King Kong vs Godzilla"? How cool would that be?!

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