Putting Legendary Pictures Godzilla Into Perspective

Putting Legendary Pictures' Godzilla Into Perspective

by Armand Vaquer

Predictably, when Bloody Disgusting.com posted that Legendary Pictures is in the planning stages of producing a new American Godzilla movie, all G-fandom became ecstatic. This is understandable.

The last movie was Godzilla Final Wars of five years ago. This movie left fans split on whether they like it or not. Some do, some don't. I find it entertaining. It was a fun flick.

At the time of Final Wars production, Toho Executive Producer Shogo Tomiyama announced that Godzilla will be on a (at least) ten-year hiatus due to slumping box office returns.

The Sony/TriStar Godzilla in 1998 was a major disappointment. It didn't look like Godzilla and it didn't act like Godzilla. G-fan Richard Pusateri coined the term GINO for the critter (GINO = Godzilla In Name Only). Each time word leaks that there may be another Godzilla from Hollywood, fans harken back to the Sony/TriStar debacle.

Wheeling and dealing in Hollywood backrooms is a constant exercise. No doubt there have been many proposals for another American Godzilla movie. The Yoshimitsu Banno Godzilla In 3D To The Max has been languishing for years. Because of this, fans have (rightly so) become jaded.

To confirm whether or not the report over Legendary's Godzilla is true, I contacted Toho Co., Ltd., Godzilla's parent company and trademark owners. I asked if the reports circulating over the Internet are true and their comment was..."No comment!" They said they are "exploring several possibilities" and are "unable to comment at this time." The funny thing is, the "no comment" comment was given with a chuckle. They did not outright say "no," "maybe," "could be," or the like. They did not say "yes" either.

Do I think there will be a Legendary Pictures Godzilla movie? While the safe answer would be, "I don't know," my impressions and/or gut feeling is leaning to "yes." I have no proof. One thing I am sure of, something is up.

If a deal is reached/has been reached between Toho and Legendary, we realistically wouldn't expect see a completed film for at least a year or two.

In the meantime, until something is announced, all we (as fans) can do is to speculate. While it is okay to become excited over this, don't become so excited that if nothing comes of this that you become deeply disappointed. Wait and see.

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  1. I've been a Godzilla fan all my life you name it i have. Godzilla is a cult move icon, if America butchered Godzilla once what makes you think they won't do it again. America is famous for ruining japanese movies and anime adaptaions like Dragonball and Street fighter. if a new movie is going to come out it should by all means created by Toho. I saw Always 2 and if Toho can make a CGI Godzilla for that movie they make him CGI for his movie.

  2. Indeed there is good reason for concern here. Your argument is very valid, Hollywood does like to remake Japanese films a ruin them.

    However, I think that if this film was handled by 'the right people' then it could be something all of us Godzilla fans could treasure.

    I think that Legendary Pictures would be wise to listen to fan input, and possibly bring in people like Armand and myself as consultants to insure it is handled properly.

    I just wanted to note that I have a reliable source working behind the scenes on this one. He has confirmed that there are 'talks' at this point, but he can't tell me anything beyond that.

  3. Sometimes people who hated Godzilla '98 get accused of hating it simply because it's not like the Japanese films, but I think that people -- hardcore fans, casual fans, mainstream audiences -- would mostly be very accepting of an American Godzilla movie, regardless of how much or how little it has in common with the Japanese films, as long as it was simply a good movie. Godzilla '98 isn't a bad movie because it's nothing like the Japanese films; it's a bad movie because it's a bad movie. No good monster action, a monster who runs away like a frightened rabbit in every confrontation, a terrible script, incredibly unlikable and boring characters, a 30-minutes too long running time, etc, etc. A good American-made Godzilla is possible. Look at Godzilla: The Series and the Godzilla comic book series from Marvel. All they need to do is find some filmmakers who have talent (Devlin and Emmerich don't) and actually care about making a good and entertaining film (Devlin and Emmerich didn't). I'm all for an American Godzilla movie; just don't give it to someone based only on how much money their last movie made.

  4. Don't confuse "America" and "Hollywood." I'm an American, but I sure as hell am never going to work for Hollywood, and if I did a Godzilla movie it would kick ass! Really, what you would need to make a good American Godzilla movie is a fan, an actual fan, not a G-fan, who knows how to handle the character, give him a good script, have Toho finance the thing and not be afraid to get really strict, and make sure no one involved works in Hollywood! That place ruins people. Just luck at Spielberg...

  5. While america doesn't quite have a good track record when it comes to remaking foreign movies, legendary Pictures does have a very good reputation about them for making high-quality movies. Based on their recent track record, i would definitely trust them to do everything in their power to make an awesome Godzilla movie. Godzilla needs some foreign action and influence, but unfortunately, GINO is all it has right now. If my suspicions are correct, Legendary Pictures can and will make a movie that will be, at the very least, epic.

  6. I believe Legendary Pictures could do a good job. Just look at how they brought the Batman franchise back to life after repeated poundings from Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher... But yeah, I'd like to see a slightly redesigned Godzilla, make him look sleeker, more modern, but I wouldn't wan't to see just him. I'd also really like to see a slightly redesigned King Ghidorah or Destoroyah for him to face off with. I mean no one really takes a Godzilla movie seriously anyway. They're meant to be fun, and not depressing like that 1998 travesty. My 8 year old heart was blown to bits along with my gigantic reptilian hero...

  7. Personally I thought the Americain Godzilla film was a good movie. I know there could have been more action but it was realistic. The Americain film would run away because if he got hit he would die, not because he is a coward. I you saw a bee you would run away but that doesn't make you a coward. Although I do think they could have made it that during his nuclear mutation process he obtained super healing powers, although then it would be impossible to kill it unless they made up a fake childish weapon like a "super-destructo ray that can destroy anything". I am not saying that the Japaneese Godzilla is bad, infact most of them are amazing, and hopefully will continue to be amazing but the Americain film was pretty good too and apperently alot of other people agree because it grossed nearly 380 million dollars which far more then any Japaneese Godzilla films. It should also be noted that id is not completly Rolland Emerich's fault that the Americain Godzilla film was "bad" because he never even wanted to do it in the first place and when he finally agreed the studio didn't give him alot of time to make it so the script could't go through alot of drafts and the prodution of the film was rushed and the design of Americaing Godzilla was rushed. So in conclusion, to all you Americain Godzilla film haters, don't give all the blame to Rolland Emmerich, Blame Tri-Star aswell. P.S. I hope that there will be another Americain film by Legendary and that it will combine the best of both countries Godzilla's and will be the best Godzilla film yet.

  8. What's really important here is that people who respect the franchise are behind it, because we all know how Roland Emmerich wasn't a fan of Godzilla, so the film was doomed as soon as he jumped on board. I think the film should be made differently, if it's made at all, I would just like to see a different approach to a Godzilla film, other than what we've been seeing for the past decade. Still great films, but there needs to be something new.

  9. If i would trust any studio to do an American Godzilla movie again it would be ''Legendary Pictures''

    None of there movie's have been below average. All the actor's and CGI plus performance's have been top-notch. Look at (300, Watchmen, Clash of the titans, The Dark knight)

    Godzilla is a Classic monster, Toho has spent decade's trying to perfect there image of the monster. So anyone can understand when Hollywood changed the creature's design entirely they'd be upset.

    Godzilla 1998 was a success, Money wise, An the fact that many people didnt know who Godzilla was or didnt really care until 1998.

    Godzilla 1998 spawned an entire new age of Godzilla fans, Which of course were young, as after seeing the 1998 film went to check out Godzilla's history and earlier release's.

    While the movie was a let-down in itself, I can gurantee that if another Godzilla movie was made, The Hype and fanbase would atleast be double what it was in 1998.

    Before 1998 alot of people i knew couldnt stand watching my old Godzilla films. Now i honestly cant find anyone who says anything bad about him.

    So Godzilla 1998 did it's job. Godzilla is and always will be the king of the monsters.