Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group)

Written By: Ken Hulsey

With all the buzz generated yesterday, when it was announced that Legendary Pictures, in conjunction with Warner Bros studios, were going to make a new "Godzilla" movie for release in 2012, I thought that it was the right time to start an online fan page for it.

So, I logged on to Facebook this morning and created "Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group)" for fans of the "Godzilla" movie series to be able to post their thoughts about the project and also post rumors about the films plot and potential monster(s) designs.

Just about every media outlet ran a story about the film, which has created a great deal of interest in this new American made "Godzilla" movie.

I think that it is important that we, the fans, show our support for the film, and let our voices be heard, when it comes to what we would like to see (expect) from such a film.

With any luck, the folks of at Legendary/Warner Bros, will check in on the group to see what is going on, and possibly, take some of the opinions voiced there to heart.

I don't think that either the fans, or the studios involved, want a repeat of what happened with "Godzilla 98".

From the studios statements, it is apparent that they want "Godzilla 2012" to be something more along the lines of the classic films produced by Toho between 1954-2004.

I think that is what we all want.

I encourage all of you to join the group, and become very active in it. Of course, just joining will make a statement on it's own, and participation is not mandatory, but the more people we get to post messages the better.

I think that by doing this, all of us, that is to say the mass of Godzilla fans worldwide can play some part, however possibly small, in ensuring that "Godzilla 2012" will be both successful, and a movie we can treasure for generations to come.

Please Join - Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group)

Update: Godzilla 2012 - Legendary/Warner Bros (Fan Page) - Blog!

I occurred to me that many Godzilla fans may not be members of Facebook, so I created an independent blog so that you could join that and post comments in regards to the subjects, rumors, news and etc. that will be posted there.

Go to: Godzilla 2012 - Legendary/Warner Bros (Fan Page)(Blog)
Thank You! - Ken

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  1. Where did that figure come from?

    As is stated before, It is better not to commit the same mistake from 1998; but that design screws everything up. It looks like a bizarre breed between a monitor lizard and a gator, and does not make justice to what the "Godzilla" name means to be.

  2. That Godzilla looks Jack'd up! Especially the duck face and frumpy body.

  3. Instead the godzilla we saw at the top of the screen, they should have THE 1995 GODZILLA

  4. the 1998 Zilla was terrible, they saw jurassic park and thought to do to the classic Godzilla what was done to classic interpretations of the Tyranosaurus Rex, without understanding the differences in size and scale. What's worse, is that they decided to make the 98' Zilla weaker, smaller, more vulnerable and squishy, needing to move fast and avoid fire rather than just tanking it.

    Ironically This attempt at being "more realistic" wound up being LESS Realistic than the massive, ultra-tough, night invulnerable Godzilla that could wade through anything the military threw at it.

    The reason being that a creature like Zilla could never survive, it's simply too weak to be able to withstand it's own weight. While the true Godzilla is far more structurally sound, upright with massive feet and lower body, along with an almost pyramid like shape. To be able to withstand it's own weight, it would have to be so tough that modern military weaponry would do very little against it.

    How a biological organism could possibly be that tough is of course where the fantasy of it all lies, but as the 1998 movie's tagline said.

    Size, does matter.

  5. I personally like the above design;but it should have been less potato-shaped.

  6. The style of Godzilla movies is classic. Personally I would love to see the remake be an enhanced version of the old style, not an attempt to bring Godzilla into the CG realm. I do not want to see another giant CG iguana like in 98. I want to see a man in a godzilla suit, kicking major ass, and destroying everything in sight. I would like the reboot to be like "Giant Monsters All Out Attack", just a thousand times better and with a bigger budget.
    Legendary obviously produces great movies, my concern is have they chosen the right director. Their most memorable movies were directed by Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder. Hopefully this movie will not disappoint because it definitely has to make up for the 98 movie and restore American fan's faith that an American director can, at very least, compete with the great Japanese films.

  7. No no no this godzilla is like a shoutout to 54 godzilla cause if you compare the two they are basicly the same except the plates are larger and he has scales again is all thats why he looks weird because from 90's and up they kinda made him look more no offence Otaku typeish with the larger eyes and coloured plates so in a way this IS THE REAL Godzilla

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqR7jDUsDLs

  9. Ive been a zilla fan since i was knee high to manilla, "zilla" was a depression to me, i wanna see monsters galore, and who doesnt want to see the iconic titan of radio-biology mingle with other titans of destruction, high hopes for 2012, please america don't hurt me again,

    signed herky,herculese_1989@yahoo.com

  10. its about time they come back to his roots and what he truly looks like the 98 film was a bummer


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