It's A Two Night Cinema Insomnia Loboween Spectacular!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Mr. Lobo / Olav Phillips

Ah, Mr. Lobo promised that he would have information about his upcoming Halloween special, make that, Loboween special, for us.......... and here it is!

Indeed this spooky holiday season just wouldn't be the same without the horror host icon, Mr. Lobo, and his nationally syndicated series. "Cinema Insomnia". The show has, over the past decade, become as much a Halloween staple as pumpkins, candy corn, "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and Elvira's boobs.

This year Lobo has pulled out all the stops, producing a two night "Cinema Insomnia" holiday event, featuring the national debut of Eric Miller's film, "Mark of the Damned", in which the host with the most makes a special cameo.

On the second night of this unique event, Mr. Lobo and the entire cast, will take a heart felt break from their usual comedic fair to pay a special tribute to one of the shows biggest fans, known simply as Katie, who passed away earlier this year.

I could sit here all night typing away about this truly amazing "Cinema Insomnia" Halloween special, but that's what press releases are for. Here are the damned details:

Cinema Insomnia is launching its new season with the premiere of the new indie film Mark Of The Damned by Eric Miller in a special two part Lobotacular!

The LOBONEWS NETWORK is pleased to announce the premiere of Cinema Insomnia's latest season with the debut of Eric Miller's Mark of the Damned featuring a cameo by none other then your National Horror Host, Mr. Lobo. This exciting Lobotacular will broadcast coast to coast on our syndication partner AMGtv as well as globally live on the Internet at for overseas Cinsomniacs.

Mark of the Damned, Part One will be broadcast at 9pm PST - October 24th nationwide on the AMGtv Network and will be available to over 100 stations coast to coast as well as on Satellite (Galaxy 19, 3991 H). Mark of the Damned, Part Two will premiere Halloween night at the usual time slot of 9pm PST.

Part One features an exclusive look at the production of Mark of the Damned with interviews of the cast and crew as well as an inside look at some of the many strange and bizarre locations used in the movie and the local Virginia horror scene. This is truly a first in Cinema Insomnia history and will be a must watch for any Cinema Insomnia or Horror fan. Mark of the Damned Part One also boasts a rare appearance by November Fire recordings novelty rocker, "Slob" who stars as a rival horror host named "Slob Zombie." Shot almost entirely on location, this is a truly Lobtastic episode...

Part Two is a journey back to classic Cinema Insomnia and is dedicated to a very special Cinema Insomnia fan named Katie. Mr. Lobo is back in the Void to present a special musical tribute to a brave Mr. Lobo fan who passed away this year. Her story and her journey touched the entire Cinema Insomnia cast and crew, and this episode is dedicated to her. Mr. Lobo also takes the night back with an homage to Creature Features and Horror Host legend, Bob Wilkins. Be sure to tune in for a very special episode with a VERY special surprise guest at the end of the episode. Many questions will be answered, but many more questions will be left unanswered, or will they? Tune in and find out...

Mark of the Damned Part 1 - Sat Oct. 24th 9pm PST/Midnight EST
Encore Mark of the Damned Part 1 - Fri. Oct 30th PST /Midnight EST
Mark of the Damned Part 2 - Sat Oct. 31st 9pm PST/Midnight EST
Encore Mark of the Damned Part 2 - Fri. Nov. 6th PST /Midnight EST

The shows will also stream at for live chat and screening with fellow Cinsomniacs and maybe even Mr. Lobo himself!

Apprehensive Films will also release the entire 4 hours of with both episodes as Cinema Insomnia's first 2 disc DVD set which will be available in the future at

Hey, what would you rather do on Halloween, watch "Night of the Living Dead" over and over again on AMC?

I thought not......

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