Kris Williams & Allison Scagliotti To Guest Star On 'Destination Truth' - Episode Schedule

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Destination Truth Addicts (Facebook)

As many of you know, one my favorite television shows, is SyFy's "Destination Truth", which follows the exploits of adventurer Josh Gates and his crew as they investigate sightings of strange monsters and other unexplained phenomena from around the globe.

Well, from the feed-back that I receive every time I write an article about the show, I know that many of the readers here at MIN are fans of the show as well.

Though, NBC/Universal hasn't released any 'official' information about season 3.5 of the series, which makes it's debut this Wednesday, the fine folks over at the "Destination Truth Addicts" group on Facebook, have the low-down on what to expect.

To start with, here is the schedule for the upcoming episodes:

March 17th-Ghosts of Masada Israel/Leprechauns in Ireland
March 24th-Ghosts of the Great Wall of China/Israeli Mermaid
March 31st-The Jersey Devil/The Chinese Yeren
April 7th-Haunted mining town of Chile'/The Taniwha of New Zealand
April 14th-Ghosts of Petra in Jordan/The Lizard Man USA
April 21st-S...pirits Mysterious Statues of Easter Island/The Giant Moa of New Zealand

The group also has the scoop on some casting changes for the upcoming season, it looks like Jael will only appear in the episodes from China. Apparently she had other projects that she was working on that prevented her from being able to appear in any other episodes.

To replace her, Erin Ryder, has returned to the show. Ryder is a well-known producer, and is often busy with other programs, but she has promised to work on "Destination Truth" between projects in the future.

This season will feature two guest stars, MIN favorite Allison Scagliotti from "Warehouse 13" and Kris Williams from "Ghost Hunters."

It looks like SyFy wants to 'sexy' up the show a little bit by adding Scagliotti and Williams to mix....which is okay by me.

Now, I don't want to read too much into this, but I suggested that they do a "Lizard Man" episode in a post on the "Destination Truth" Facebook page some time they may (or may not) have gotten the idea for the episode from yours truly.

Just saying.......

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1 comment:

  1. Hey Ken,

    Personally I'm disappointed that "Destination Truth" has gravitated more toward the supernatural instead of staying focused on the cryptozoological.

    And especially after Josh Gates had a measure of real success (Which has yet to be accomplished by the "MonsterQuest" team.) with the discovery of a fresh footprint awhile back when his group was attempting to find... what was it, a yeti?.

    I don't even watch "Destination Truth" at all now unless a portion of an episode will be devoted to searching for a cryptid.