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ABC News On Fresno Bigfoot
Ghost Theory - Javier Ortega

Interesting report from ABC 30 Fresno on the multiple sightings of Bigfoot near the Fresno mountains of California. The reporter interviews some folks that have encountered the legendary creature near Fresno, as well as Dr. Jeff Meldrum and his progress on the investigation of Bigfoot. If you ever have driven through the Fresno mountains then you’d understand the sheer volume and density that the landscapes holds. The mountains and forest is completely surrounded by redwoods, bushes, caves, valleys and rivers…a beautiful place.


The five strangest theories about Sasquatch

There may not be actual giant bipedal humanoids wandering the wilderness, but that hasn't stopped Bigfoot fanatics from coming up with some seriously weird theories explaining all those footprints and blurry videos.

While Bigfoot seems like a North American phenomenon, there are tales of giant wildmen around the world, from the Tibetan Yeti to the Australian Yowie and Siberia's Chunchunya. Could these creatures really be endemic worldwide? Or is there some deep part of the human psyche that peers into the wilderness and sees not something alien, but rather a horrifying reflection of what we could have been (and might still be) without the thin veneer of "civilization" we've wrapped ourselves in?

Or maybe we're actually seeing invisible, telepathic, hypnotic otherdimensional aliens.

Here are the five weirdest theories of what's really going on when people report a Bigfoot sighting.

Theory One: Bigfoot represents a lost species of hominid.

On the surface, this theory doesn't seem that crazy. The deep forests and remote mountains of the world could hide a few evolutionary offshoots. It's a lot harder to hide a sustainable population, though. Within a single habitat, any population below about 500 would be considered severely endangered. While it is technically possible such populations of large primates could exist in several places throughout North America and have escaped detection (no confirmed carcasses, bones, scat, or abandoned nests), it is incredibly unlikely. And trying to explain away the scientific implausibility of this theory gives rise to the increasingly arcane theories that follow.

Theory Two: Bigfoot is a Native American nature spirit.

I know it's culturally insensitive to include this on a list of "bizarre" theories, but cloaking an idea in religion or tradition doesn't make it any less ridiculous. In an early issue of the Bigfoot newsletter The Track Record, Gayle Highpine surveyed the various attitudes of North American tribes toward Bigfoot. Lakota, Dakota and Ojibway consider him a spirit guide and harbinger who brings "signs or messages that there is a need to change, a need to cleanse." One Dakota tribe member told a local newspaper, "They exist in another dimension from us, but can appear in this dimension whenever they have a reason to."

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Search for the north American ape
Humboldt Beacon

In August, the Humboldt Beacon carried the article, “Validating Bigfoot” which described the work of researchers connected with the Falcon Project who plan to carry out research in Humboldt County. This is the first in a 4-part series.

In 2007 there was an incident that took place in the scientific community that created interest of considerable proportion. Most people didn't really notice what had happened, but Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum had struck the anvil of science so hard that the shock waves of his published paper entitled “Evidence for the Existence of North American Apes” will continue to be felt for years to come.

Scattered across the United States at that time were a handful of men who would feel that shock wave, and eventually unite under the same purpose: to find out exactly what the creature is that is mentioned in Dr. Meldrum's paper, and to capture it on film.

What is a hominoid?

Hominoids are what have, up to now, been collectively labeled as Pre-Humans, (post- Miocene Apes). These are the tailless short armed apes that we've all seen in the fossil record, from the Australopithecines to the Genus Homo.

It simply means the family of apes (according to classification) that resemble humans in their ability to walk on two legs instead of four. Outside of that distinction, Hominoids seem to share most of the same characteristics in the family of Hominidea with other apes.

In modern times, when some of the first foot prints were discovered around logging sites, the term “Bigfoot” was given to the individuals responsible for the tracks, because they had very large feet.

Almost every Native American and First Nation Tribe has a name to describe these creatures. The most popular of these names is Sasquatch. For the purpose of eliminating the confusion of so many different names for this being, we will refer to them here as Hominoids.

When did hominoids live?

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Grass Valley Man Announces National Bigfoot Hunt
CBS 13

A local man says he came face-to-face with Bigfoot. He said he's getting ready to spot the creature again using balloons.

A Grass Valley miner used to camp for up to five months every year -- just him and his tent, until one night he saw a creature so mysterious he doesn't rest so easy outdoors anymore.

"It just wandered left and right down the canyon here. Then it went 30 feet from car. It was close enough I could reach through the tent and touch it. My heart beating so hard I could hear it," said William Barnes.

William says he will never be the same after his encounter. This gold miner was camping near Greenhorn Creek in July 1997, when at 2 a.m., he came face to face with Bigfoot.

"It took me 4 years to mention it to the first person -- one of my best friends," said William.

Once William opened up about his heart-stopping sighting with the 500-pound mysterious ape, he found out he was not alone.

"About 80 percent don't report it because they get ridiculed," said William.

But William says 16 people in the area told him they've seen the same monstrous mystery.

If there are all these sightings, where are the footprints? William hasn't seen any in Nevada County. He just says look on the ground.

William will set out on a road less traveled, planning to spend a year and $200,000 hunting for the Sasquatch from the sky.

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Search for Bigfoot Opens Soon

Some journalists and scientists are intent to search for snowmen, which were reportedly seen in taiga of Mountain Shoria, Altai Republic.

Local hunters claimed they had seen tall creatures covered with hair, which looked like snowmen, in February 2009 and even took a picture of their footprint.

Various opinions exist – Russian anthropologists believe that possibility of yeti existence is extremely low, since their bodies have never been found and studied. However, some scientists (I wouldn’t dare to call these people “scientists”, actually) are sure that snowmen exist and, even more, that they have come to Earth from other planets.

The expedition, scheduled to start for the end of September, will hopefully shed light on these mystery.


Does the Loch Ness Monster Have British Relatives?
AOL News

The hunt is on for a new lake monster -- not at Scotland's Loch Ness, home of the fabled "Nessie," but this time in nearby England.

Ever since 2006, when the first report emerged from England's biggest lake of a 20-foot-long creature in Lake Windermere, a new lake monster legend has gained strength on the sightings of something dubbed "Bow-Nessie."

Sky News reports that monster hunters are using sonar to try to find the elusive animal that reportedly lurks in the 220-foot-deep, 10-mile-long lake.

Lake Windermere, located in the northern part of England, is a popular holiday and summer home destination and is bordered by two towns, Ambleside and Bowness-on-Windermere -- hence the clever monster nickname, Bow-Nessie.

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Couple hears an unusual scream while camping overnight on the Peace River

My husband and I have lived in Charlotte County FL our entire lives. We have camped with our families for over 40 years up the peace river (only accessable by boat) into Desoto county...After Hurrician Charley, We had gone early to set camp and meet friends. Later that evening, we heard an undescribable screem/yell/growl from somethin very big. Because of the number of alligators there, I at first thought an animal was getting bitten and dragged into the water as we heard water splashing and the yell continued and went from sounding hurt and suprised to angry and mad (I had heard for a long time that there was a big foot in that area, but have never heard, smelled, or seen anything...well into our 40's we never thought we would.) The yell lasted approx 5 seconds, going from something sounding like it was hurt fighting and then angry.

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Night fisherman has sighting at Clinton Lake boat docks

On my way home I called dad and told him what was going on. He told me back in the 70's, there was sightings of what the town called the Salt Creek monster. I'm no skeptic, but at the same time I haven't ever seen it.

After a while he tells me I should go back and check the place out a little more closely. I decided it was probably a good idea just for some peace of mind. I drive back out to the boat launch, and park in the parking lot. I have the truck lights on as well as my flashlight that I'm scanning the area with. After about 15 minutes I give up and go to leave.

As I'm turning around in the parking lot, the truck lights pick something up standing in the trees. I immediately stomp on the brakes. About 20 yards away I'm looking at something that's probably seven feet tall, not overly muscular but it was covered in black hair. It also had a big pair of yellow eyes. It had a deer in the head lights look about it and it tore off running through the trees along the lake. I had been in track in high school and this easily outpaced the fastest runners I'd ever seen. When it ran it didn't pump its arms. They just swayed a bit. Before I really understood what I was seeing it was gone. I drove my little truck as fast as it could go all the way home.

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Late-night roadside sighting by a young man outside of Moultrie

About a year ago, I was coming home from taking my grandmother to work. We lived on a paved but heavily wooded road. There are numerous ponds and fields surrounding the area. As came across the final curve in the road, something caught my eye. Just on the inside of the ditch by the pond before my house stood a figure. At first glance I would have thought my eyes to be playing tricks. I slowed down and stopped fearing that I was going to hit a large animal. I seen this tall figure (roughly 6 feet to 7 feet in height)turn and stare at my headlights. It was Auburn-Brown and had very wirey hair. Its head was kinda of oblong like that of monkey. The face was flat other than the wierd looking nose (looked like a squished pig nose). Its eyes glowed red in the headlights. Once I stopped, it immediately turned and crouched into the ditch below. I was so scared of being attacked that I drove the half mile home, ran inside and told my parents all about it.

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