A Sneak Preview Of Comic Book Diva's GINGER STEIN: RISE OF THE UNDEAD

Source: Comic Book Divas / Jeff Hughes (Press Release)

Over the months fans of Dennis Willman and Comic Book Divas have been anxiously awaiting the first glimpses of the much talked about comic book “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead”; well fans need not wait any longer as the first pages are now being revealed from the first time.

After speaking with Dennis Willman on Saturday via a phone conference call, it was decided after much discussion that Dennis would take over all art duties effective immediately.

Dennis Willman is going to bring his own unique art style to the pages of the Ginger Stein comic series; beginning with the first arc that will tell the tale of how “Ginger Stein” came to be the zombie killing babe she is today; after that the ride will probably become even more wilder since Dennis has a lot in store for not only Ginger but the series.

Ginger-Stein is the story of a B-Movie Scream Queen who suddenly finds that the world of horror she has worked in all her life has become a frightening reality. Through a freak set of occurrences, Ginger Stein is transformed into the zombie-slaying character she has portrayed in film for years, forever altered physically and mentally.

But she must come to terms with her new life quickly as the phenomenon that caused her transformation bends the rules of reality and reanimates the dead. As the Army of the Undead rise and begin to walk the Earth, Ginger must rely on her wits, an arsenal of customized weapons, a chainsaw and a sleek ’78 Hemicuda to save the world from complete destruction.

Her journey begins here in the first arc Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead.

While some fans will recall "Ginger’s” first appearance will will be debuting at the SAC Horror Convention September 25th-26; the regular series “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” will be launched at the Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 April 29th – May 1st with a limited edition TFW variant cover and then will be available for purchase at the Ginger Stein website and Comixpress.

Shown above are the first two pages to “Ginger Stein: Rise Of The Undead” these pages will give reader’s a brief peek into what is coming over the horizon in the “Ginger” universe.

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