Univerasl Picks Up the Tab For PAUL Roadtrip

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

It's great when you get to go on a cross-country holiday ..... and it's even better when you can talk a major movie studio into paying the tab.

That's exactly what actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg did to prepare for their roles in the upcoming UFO comedy "Paul". The comedic duo decided that the best way to figure out how to approach their parts was to pack up a RV and head strait into America's UFO loving heartland. Much to their surprise, Universal was more than happy to fork over the money to cover the expenses.

Pegg notes,"We did the road trip initially as a way of getting a free holiday out of Universal but it was an incredibly inspiring time and a lot of what happened on that trip, we fed into the script. It was a great adventure."

Nick Frost adds, "It is work but you're also with your best mate, Sigourney Weaver's there and you're driving an Rv in the desert and it's beautiful and the food's great too."

Sounds like a dream I had once. I wonder if I can get Warner Bros to pay for my summer vacation? True, I'm not making a movie but hey it doesn't hurt to ask right?

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