The Official Bettie Page Tribute Video Featuring Music By Bonsai Kitten

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Bonsai Kitten

The members of the German rockabilly band Bonsai Kitten were thrilled to death when they learned that their song "Virgin Suicide" had been chosen for "The Official Bettie Page Tribute Video".

Here's the scoop:

Features a brief biography of the life of Bettie Page (the Queen of Pinups!), original clips from Teaserama and Betty Gets Dressed in Satin, quotes and photographs from her modeling career. Music used with permission by Bonsai Kitten (

And here's the video:

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Bonsai Kitten - Monster Music Profile

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  1. Check out this tribute Song/Video by Jimmy DiLorenzo; featured on The Official Bettie Page Site for April 2011.

    This one was featured as well:


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