Star Wars Episode 7: Possible Jaina Solo candidates

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Since news of a new Star Wars trilogy came to light there has been plenty of speculation concerning the next film in the series. Everything from Star Wars Episode 7 cast, plot and direction has been rumoured and a lot of attention has revolved around the twin children of Han Solo and Princess Leia. According to reports the first film in the trilogy will be set thirty years after Return of the Jedi, therefore the boy and girl parts need to portray this.

As already discussed the Solo twins will be a male and female and we are intrigued who could play the female role of Jaina Solo. In an article on Yahoo they list a few possible candidates and the first mentioned is Jennifer Lawrence known prominently for her roles in The Hunger Games and Winters Bone. Her recent acknowledgement of Best Actress Oscar gives us reason to believe she is a top contender for this role to carry the traits of her on-screen parents.

We understand that sequels to The Hunger Games are planned up until 2015, so this could be conflicting, but another actress that has been considered is Chloë Grace Moretz famous for her part as Hit Girl in Kick Ass, in which another sequel is scheduled soon. Although she is a fine actress the timeline may be an issue, as she may not fit the part at a tender age of 16.



  1. Rachel Bilson would be the perfect Jaina Solo, if they could get her to do it. Think how cool it would be... Natalie Portman - Amidala, Carrie Fisher - Leia, Rachel Bilson - Jaina.

  2. I think 20 year old Maia Mitchell would be a great choice as well. I've seen her act on the new TV drama series The Fosters, among other roles. She fits in the age range needed to play Jaina.

    Star Wars needs to have an actress that isn't insanely known/popular yet. Think about it, Hayden and Natalie were known worldwide after Star Wars. Before then they weren't.


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