Sheep In Turkey Gives Birth To Half-Human-Mutant

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Pravda

File this one under "gross".

I normally wouldn't waste your time, and mine, with a story like this, but there are some elements that I just found too interesting, and funny to pass up. Your forgiveness please.

It seems that in the city of Izmir, Turkey, a dead baby lamb was removed from it's mother with a human face by a rather shocked local vet.

Erhan Elibol, the vet who removed the calf to save it's mothers life explains, “I’ve seen mutations with cows and sheep before. I’ve seen a one-eyed calf, a two-headed calf, a five-legged calf. But when I saw this youngster I could not believe my eyes. His mother could not deliver him so I had to help the animal.”

As you can see from the above photo, this lamb's face and snout have been mutated to the point that it resembles a human face.

Elibol believes that this rare mutation came about from the mother ingesting large amounts of vitamin A, which was found in the animals stool.

In this case, the mutated animal was born dead, but last year in Zimbabwe another such mutated sheep was delivered alive, and lived for a few hours, until the frighted villagers killed it.

Now here's where this story takes a humorous turn. Check out what the governor of the Turkish province where this event took place had to say.

"This incident is very shocking. It is my first time to see such an evil thing. It is really embarrassing," he reportedly said. "The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat. This is evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control. We often hear cases of human beings who commit bestiality but this is the first time for such an act to produce a product with human features."

Yes, the obviously highly educated governor believes that bestiality is to blame for the mutation.

If only those horny shepherds would keep it in their pants then we wouldn't have abominations to God like this......right?

True, over the eons, desperate individuals have had 'unholy' encounters with sheep and the like, but that isn't what caused this gross deformity.

Wouldn't you be embarrassed if you voted for this guy?

After probably being influenced by their overly superstitious leader, the local residents burned the body of the deformed sheep before scientists could examine it.

Well of course they had to get rid of it or their town could have been cursed for centuries. It may have stopped raining, causing the crops to die, or children may have started being born with sheep heads or something.

You just can't mess around with this kind of evil.

What if the thing brought about the dreaded "Planet of the Sheep?"

Okay, I gotta stop this or will keep going all day.


  1. oh yes, you think you are so clever disrespecting the "governor of the Turkish province" but you haven't even bothered to get your story straight. These were NOT the words of a turkish governor, but of a leader in Zimbabwe when a similar incident occurred in 2009. Laugh it up, braindead, and do your research before you tell people who's really wasting their time.

    1. ......and here is your pasture of 70 virgins.

  2. please people stop fucking animals

  3. Fucking muslim degenerates.

    Burn them alive!

    1. You sound like a really charming person to be around!

  4. Is it possible for the semen to penetrate a sheep egg, and actually have a chromosome merger creating an embryo. They are not the right length. It would be bizarre.

  5. This was said by the governor of Zimbabwe. Take this misleading article down.

  6. It was a governor of a province in Zimbabwe that said that about the half goat-half human, not a Turkish governor. You should make sure you get your story straight before posting.

  7. I find it interesting how people keep mentioning the governor in Zimbabwe, even though the original Pravda article doesn't mention him at all. According to the source this happened in Turkey not Zimbabwe. Why would a governor in Zimbabwe be so worked up about a mutant sheep in Turkey anyway?

    In fact you problem isn't with me it's with Pravda who provided the information for this article.

    If indeed a governor in Zimbabwe did provide the quotes in the article, Pravda failed to attach them to him.

    Glad to see that something I posted four years ago can still cause an international incident.


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