New Photos From Next Weeks Big Monster Movie Release

A giant tentacled monster lays waste to one of the world's largest cities while hordes of screaming citizens run for their lives. Local law enforcement personnel open fire on the creature, inflicting little or no damage. Meanwhile a group of young people are caught in the middle of the chaos, which surrounds them as the monster destroys the city. They search the city for answers, but get the runaround from the military, who is trying to suppress any news of the attack. All that remains of what they witness is a crude home video, which is the only accurate account of what really happened.

We are talking about J.J. Abram's monster movie called "Cloverfield" right?

You may have thought so from that description and the above photo, but what we really talking about is Asylum Pictures direct to DVD release "Monster", which will hit store shelves next week.

"Monster" is an obvious "Cloverfield" clone produced by a studio, who is notorious for creating such mirror films of Hollywood blockbusters.

Hold on a second though, "Monster" looks as if it has all the makings of a decent giant monster movie. Check out this trailer and judge for yourself: Monster Trailer

Two American sisters; Sarah and Erin (Sarah Lieving & Erin Sullivan), are preparing for a trip to Japan to make a documentary on climate change. They fly to Japan to interview the Minster of the Environment, who assures the two women that, despite global climate problems, progress is being made and the public shouldn't worry about any "catastrophes." On cue, a large earthquake strikes. Through Sarah's camera, we see, in the distance, a large SOMETHING emerging from beneath the ground.

Sarah and Erin are rushed into the basement shelter by the building's security. In the confusion and panic, they escape the shelter and run into the street where they witness the attack of a massive creature that emerges from underground. The girls decide to try to get to the US Embassy to plan their escape. READ MORE

The fine folks over at The Asylum were cool enough to send us a batch of photos from the movie.

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