Fans Can Help Fund Bob Nelsons Monster Movie Project By Downloading Portions Of The Script

Written By: Bob Nelson
Source: Avery Guerra

We went ahead and decided that on September 22nd, we will be releasing two chapters, the first two. The very first Chapter will be a free download from the blog, and the second chapter will be a $1.25 PDF download from the Brick Cave Media online store.

Starting on the 22nd, each week, people will be able to purchase a new chapter online for the $1.25... OR, as an option, they can just pay up front $20 and they will receive all of the chapters electronically (as PDF's) as they come out (20 Chapters total), one per week.

These sales will be how we raise money for the movie production, so the more people that purchase the chapters, the more rescources we> will have to make a better movie.

Also, the gang will be hosting a chat room discussion for questions and small indie movie production discussion on Tuesday,> September 30th at 7:30PM Pacific Time. We'll be using AIM for the chat room will post the name of the room in the blog that day.


Please Visit Brick Cave Media For More Info!

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