The First Trailer For Deep Sea Monster Raiga

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Nippon Cinema / Avery Guerra

Shinpei Hayashiya didn't waste any time in making a sequel to "Deep Sea Monster Reigo", which began production in 2003, was filmed in 2005, and released in August of this year. The film entitled, "Deep Sea Monster Raiga", is set 60 years after the events in "Reigo", which took place during WWII.

This time, Global Warming is the catalyst for unleashing giant monsters on Japan. The melting of the southern polar ice causes a disruption in Earth's ecosystem that causes the migration of the monsters to the island nation.

The largest of the sea monsters is a beast called "Raiga", which unleashes it's "Inconvenient Truth" on Tokyo just like Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and Rodan have numerous times.

The monster "Raiga" looks a lot like Godzilla, but hopefully not enough to get Toho's lawyers panties in a bunch.

I think that is is great to see other Japanese film companies stepping up to the plate and creating their own kaiju films while Toho sits on their monster franchise.

Although we are all still waiting for the return of the "King."

Check out the "Deep Sea Monster Raiga" website - HERE


  1. Hey Ken,

    After watching the trailer my first impression is that Deep Sea Monster Raiga was approached a bit tounge-in-cheek. Especially with the guy yelling "Godzilla! Godzilla!" at the beginning and another person shushing him and saying "No, no, no!"

    And speaking of the big G', years ago Toho Studios actually sent representatives to a comic con that was being held in my STATE in order to prevent the selling of Godzilla (Rodan, etc.) related items! So it suprises me that they haven't attempted to take any legal action since Raiga looks a lot like Godzilla.

    In fact, if you'd wanted to play a cruel joke on all of us regular visitors you could've edited the trailer to only show Raiga's head and posted that Toho was finally doing a new Godzilla film and I would've believed it! :-D

  2. Yeh, I thought that part with the guy yelling "Godzilla" "Godzilla!" was pretty funny too.

    I also like the part where the stars of the movie are selling Raiga T-shirts and souvenirs.

    God, Raiga is a close match to Godzilla. If you look at the close-up shot of the mouth, it looks spo on with the Godzilla from Godzilla X MechaGodzilla and Tokyo SOS. If you told me it was the same suite, yet modified, I would believe you.

    They had to pay TOHO for this. I can't see anyway around it. Toho has no problem with you using Godzilla as long as you pay.

    Yes, when I fist saw the frame featured before you can play the video, I thought....thats Godzilla....what the hell?

  3. When I saw the close up mouth shot I thought the same thing you did! It looks exactly like the Godzilla suit from the Kiryu/Mechagodzilla films.

    In fact, the more I look at the full body shot you posted the more I think that Raiga's look was ripped off from no less than three kaiju; Godzilla, Space Godzilla, and the Heisei Gamera. What do you think?


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