The Top Ten Hottest Monsters Of 2008

Okay, here we go again! Another nutty "Best Of" list. This time we are going to have some fun though.

Remember these results are based on your searches through Google and the Monster Island News internal search engine.

Since this is primarily a monster movie website. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the most popular monsters of 2008. Amazingly enough, with all the new monster films being made this year, the list is dominated by classic creatures.

Here we go! The "Hottest Monsters of 2008!"

10. King Ghidorah

The appearance of King Ghidorah on a "Best of 2008" list is a surprise to say the least. The last time our three-headed friend made a movie appearance was back in 2004. Yet here he is. I can only guess that the appearance of a three-headed dragon in "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor" had something to do with new interest in good old King Ghidorah. See: Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster (1964) or search:

9. Mothra

Okay, we are two monsters in and already we have our second Japanese monster. Once again we would have to go back to 2004 for the last time Mothra was in a film. I guess this just goes to show that Toho's giant monsters are just as popular as ever. Oh, before I forget. This is the only female monster to make our list. See: Mothra (1961) or search

8. MechaGodzilla

We have a "Hat Trick!" Three monsters in and three Japanese monsters listed. I really don't have an explanation for the popularity of MechaGodzilla in 2008? Maybe it has something to do with continuing popularity of Yumiko Shaku? Who Knows? Toho needs to start making monster movies again. See: Godzilla X MechaGodzilla (2002)(Toho)

7. The Mummy

Okay, here we go. A monster that I can expect on on 2008 list. With the release of "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" starring Brendan Fraser this year. You would expect major interest in resurrected Egyptian dead. Of course I had to use a photo of the Boris Karloff version of "The Mummy". You know I love the classics. See The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)(Universal) or The Mummy (1932) or search:

6. King Kong

Kong is still king in 2008! Once again no new movie is behind this one. King Kong is the grandfather of all giant movie monsters. It looks like Monster Island News readers have been giving the "old man" the respect he deserves. Search:

5. Creature From The Black Lagoon

With a new "Creature From The Black Lagoon" movie coming soon, and the passing of suite actor Ben Chapman, you would think that the "Gill-Man" would rate a high ranking. New photos from "Life Magazine" also surfaced this past year, so "The Creature" has been getting the bulk of the monster press in 2008. See: Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) or Ben Chapman (1928 - 2008) or search:

4. Frankenstein

Good old Franky. Even after all these years, the image of Boris Karloff as "The Monster" (Frankenstein was the scientist) is the most iconic in the horror genre. God, they just don't make movies like that anymore. Frankenstein will forever be one the greatest movie monsters. See: Frankenstein (1931) or search:

3. Monster

What? A modern creation made it onto the list? There must be some mistake? The overwhelming interest in J.J. Abrams "Cloverfield" lead to massive interest in the movie that, for all intents and purposes, copied it. "Monster" is essentially the same movie as "Cloverfield", except this one takes place in Tokyo (go figure?) instead of New York City. See: Monster (2008)

2. Godzilla

I honestly thought that Godzilla would take the number one spot. There is one thing that I have learned in all my years writing about monster movies, everyone loves Godzilla. Even people who won't admit it to your face. Godzilla's popularity extends beyond race, creed, and social standing. Godzilla is a worldwide phenomena. The sooner that Toho realizes it, the better. See: Godzilla King of the Monsters (1955) or search:

1. Cloverfield

Was there any doubt? J.J. Abrams unique take on the giant monster genre entitled, "Cloverfield" was on every ones mind in the early part of 2008. The film may have failed to set the box office on fire, but it got people excited about monster movies again. The film also got a whole new generation of independent film makers interested in making their own monster films. This one will always be remembered for ushering in a whole new generation of monster movies.


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  2. Just for kicks, I went and did more research.

    Here are the monsters that round-out the top 25 for 2008:

    11. Gamera 12. Rodan 13. Biollante 14. Ogopogo 15. Dracula 16. Predator 17. Moorwen 18. King Komodo 19. Reptisaurus 20. Wawa 21. Gargantuas 22. Destroyah 23. The Host 24. Negadon 25. Guilala

    An interesting list to say the least!

    You keep asking for them, and we will keep writing about them!


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