Sexy Scarlet Salem Poses In A Cemetary For 'Women In Horror'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Scarlet Salem

Let's face it. Some of the best photos of actress Scarlet Salem have been taken in cemeteries as of late, so it should come as no surprise that she would choose just such a morbid location for a recent interview and photo shoot for the upcoming documentary, "Women in Horror".

Like I was saying, Salem and photographer H Morgen have combined for some truly horrifying images, shot in cemeteries, over the past year or so. These images are just amazing, lucky for you, they can be seen here:

These images are not the work of H Morgen, in fact Scarlet neglected to mention who the photographer for these photos was. Regardless, the are very good photos taken outside the chapel and mausoleum in Rochester. I assume that's in Scarlet's native Minnesota?

"Women in Horror" is presently being filmed by Reyna Young for her Last Doorway Productions, featuring segments with, Amy Lynn Best, Debbie Rochon, Elske Mccain, Kelly De Voto, Ms Monster, Nicola Fiore, Rachel Grubb and, literally, many more queens of modern horror.

Here is a blurb from the Last Doorway Productions website:

What Does Women in horror mean to you?

Well to us at Last Doorway Productions it means how women have created and supported horror films and the genre at all levels and how they feel about the business in general. In the past the films used to be dominated by stereotypes in a mostly male dominated genre. So let us take you on a journey into the female psyche and see how they view and create the Horror Genre. Welcome To My Darkside-Women in Horror! A Documentary from Last Doorway Productions examines women's roles in the horror genre. The film takes a look at women in all aspects of the film making process, from the scream queens of the 60's and 70's to women producing and directing today's horror hits. The documentary, due for release mid 2009, is directed by Independent Horror Filmmaker and Horror Host Reyna Young and it explores how women's roles in the industry have changed over the years and how women have led that change in a predominantly male-dominated genre. We take a look at Actress's, Models, Photographers, Special FX, Directors, Journalists, and Horror Hosts. Featuring in the Documentary is Reyna Young, Shannon Lark, Priscilla Ozuna, Judy Cerda, Felissa Rose, Lynn Lowry, Elske Mccain, Nikki K Homicide, Heidi Martinuzzi, Bianca Barnett, April Burril, Ms. Monster, Rachel Grubb and many more…. The DVD will include interviews with women in horror, movie clips and lots of special features. So stay tuned and check out often to get updates and news about this and other features. Feel Free to join our mailing list to get updates on the latest from Last Doorway Productions.

Enjoy the photos of Scarlet below:

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