Has Monster Quest Found A Baby Ogopogo?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Canada.com / Avery Guerra

Is it possible that the crew of the popular television series, "Monster Quest", has actually found a real monster?

The production team for "Monster Quest" has just completed a nine day location shoot at Okanagan Lake, the home of Canada's own version of the "Loch Ness Monster", known as Ogopogo.

The crew went as far to mount a thermal infrared imaging camera on a helicopter and fly over the lake. It picked up an unidentified shadow on the water, while sonar spotted something over three metres long moving in the depths.

Now, that is some really good evidence that there may be some sort of living dinosaur in Okanagan Lake, but the real "pay-off' came when divers discovered a strange specimen in an underwater cave.

The History Channel, which produces the "Monster Quest" program, had tried very hard to keep their crew's discovery a secret, but it soon leaked out that the team had possibly discovered a baby Ogopogo.

That's right! A real live living lake monster.......possibly.

The specimen has been shipped off to the University of Guelph in Ontario for DNA tests, and presently nobody has been willing to go as far to label it a genuine discovery.

Bill Steciuk, a monster hunter who aided the television crew, got a chance to see the mysterious find and described it like this, "It was all curled up. The features were really hard to see. You could see a little head tucked in and a straight tail with no fins. It's a huge mystery. We have no idea what it is."

"I couldn't recognize it," said Steciuk. "Nor could anyone else. Maybe a new species has been found."

Arlene Gaal, who has written three books on the legendary Ogopogo, was shown a photograph of the alleged baby monster. Her opinion of the evidence was a little more skeptical, "The Ogopogo is real, but I don't know what this is."

"I had my doubts when the crew presented me with their findings. It looked to me like a decomposing ling cod."

Whether the specimen is a decomposing fish or a genuine lake monster infant, it is certain that the folks over at the History Channel are going to keep a lid on the test results until the episode on Ogopogo airs in February.

It's better for ratings that way.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the update on this. Lake monsters and sea serpents have always been the most intriguing (and plausible) cryptids to me, and I'll definitely plan to watch Monster Quest in February!

  2. Hi there...the discovery of the unknown specimen in the lake that monsterquest found was determined to be a species of salmon already known. :(

  3. destination truth did an investigation on the ogopogo here is the video on youtube




    it was in the second part of the show that is why it starts on part three

  4. Hi Monster seekers
    I use google earth and find many creatures like mermaids about 150 ft long and long creatures about 200 ft long. posted on my web at www.beautyhealthandwealth.net if interested.
    From jim in NewZealand

  5. sad thing is. I live in kelowna and there was a report on this. after the report about it being possibly a lake monster and tests were being done. there was no news on it in Kelowna after that report. People say that it was a lake monster, but they don't want to scare the tourists into not going swimming in the lake. After all the lake is one of the biggest areas for tourists in kelowna besides the wine. I believe that the monster was actually the Ogopogo. Cause there are many sightings even now.

  6. i hope they find some monster

  7. Has there been any recent videos/photos of this lake monster?

  8. Plz be the real deal!


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