"Daisy Is In The Box" - Has Bigfoot Really Been Found?

Written By: Ken Hulsey

I was surprised to find a group of stories floating around the Internet that were filled with so much innuendo, speculation and cloak and dagger that it took weeding through several of them to put together a coherent chain of events. The bottom line, if you believe any of the banter, is that Bigfoot may have been finally captured.

Let me try to piece this together for you. About a week ago a rather mysterious message ended up in the inbox of one Ed Smith who is a member of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center Forums. According to Smith he was once a member of a group called the "Quantra Team", who reportedly were the source of the message and the mystery that now surrounds it.

Here is a copy of Smith's forum post:

Understand that I am no longer a member of the Orig-6 in its new form. All of my access to the databases and communication nexus were removed. I thought.

Today, I received a text from the “Flash List” routing server. The text is as follows:


December 27, 2012 10:09 AM
From: CINC – 6

As of 0906 27 DEC 2012, “Daisy” is in the box.


I believe this message is factually correct because when we referred BF while under observation we used the term “target”.the designation was to change to “daisy” once captured.

This was never published or posted.

“CINC” is capture control and “6″ is the chief or lead. No one else would have known this.

Plus the routing and IP information matches.

I believe that Quantra has a live specimen.

If this is correct then I congratulate them on a job well done.

Ed Smith

I honestly don't have a clue who this "Quantra Group" is, but the whole thing sounds like something straight out of the 'X-Files', the kinda stuff Watergate files consist of, in other words something government backed or a bunch of loons playing special forces.

Has the scientific find of the millennium, something on par with a UFO landing in Washington DC ala "The Day the Earth Stood Still or Nessie being hauled out of Loch Ness, actually happened?

Or is this just another hoax?

Smith posted this follow up the next day:

So here is what I know: “Daisy” has been moved to a examination area about 12 miles from the capture site at 3:17 this morning after being properly sedated. The capture site and examination area are on private property leased and or owned in order to conduct research and operations of this type. This was confirmed by a source in the Quantra Group.

Here is what I don’t know: The weight height hair color gender or location of capture. Or the health of the specimen.
Nor the actions leading up to the capture of the specimen.

Here is what I’m speculating: the examination team is continuing to assemble, examination should take 72 hours.

If they go by the plan then a decision about release or storage in a repository will be made with in 48 hours after the examination is completed.

If release is chosen then a press release should be forth coming after the examination is competed, if the specimen is sent to the repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90 days thats by the operations plan.

Yet other sources have now stated that a documentary entitled "The Capture of Daisy" is currently being produced (meaning that this whole thing was filmed) and the release of the "Quantra Group's" findings will in all likelihood be coordinated with the airing of this reported documentary in hopes of creating a huge media frenzy.

Now follow that up with yet another bizarre report that surfaced a couple of days later that "Daisy" had been set free and all of the corresponding data surrounding her and her capture had been destroyed in compliance with the guidelines 'Geneva Convention' and you have one hell of a strange tale.

So what is to be made of all of these mysterious rumblings, far reaching speculation and Mulder and Scully inspired code words? Well either a bunch of ex military jocks and researchers have actually managed to snag a living Sasquatch or it's all just a bunch of tabloid fodder being whipped up in order to draw attention to certain groups or individuals. Regardless it is a rather fascinating story which is just starting to gain steam that may or may not climax with the public display of an actual living Bigfoot specimen which undoubtedly will turn the scientific community upside down.

Stay tuned ....


  1. Hey, I too have been hunting around. Ive read that the release of daisy could be a rumour. Ive found this site , which may or may not be rubbish. But if you read "ed answers questions" blog you may be able to extend your time line... But this site could be a hoax in itself


  2. Hey, my last post isnt visible yet, and not sure if the but here is direct link to the blog, thanks . Your gut may be right richard


  3. the whole concept of bigfoot seems too good to be true.

  4. One of two things Viral Marketing for the fake "documentary" or Total Bull.


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