More Ultra-Rare Items From Classic Horror, Sci Fi And Monster Films Go On The Auction Block

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Profiles In History

The folks over at Profiles In History are about to hold another of their infamous auctions of Hollywood movie memorabilia. As usual there are a ton of rare items from some of the greatest horror and sci fi films from the golden age of cinema.

Here is the info:

Hollywood Memorabilia Auction 37
Thursday & Friday, October 8 & 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm PDT
Day 1 : Lots 1 - 566
Day 2 : Lots 567 - 1200

Register to participate online or by fill in this form to bid via telephone.
If you're in the LA Area, come to the auction floor at :
26901 Agoura Road, Suite 150, Calabasas, CA. 91301

And here are some items that may be of interest to Monster Island News readers:

Rare bronze casting of Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth (Columbia, 1957)

This fascinating display piece is the rare artist proof casting of the Ymir space creature from the classic science fiction film 20 Million Miles to Earth. Designed and sculpted by the dean of stop-motion animation and visual effects, Ray Harryhausen, the original Ymir stop-motion figure was stripped of its latex skin and re-used by Harryhausen during the filming of the acclaimed 7th Voyage of Sinbad (rumored to have become the armature of the infamous Cyclops puppet). Prior to being stripped, the puppet was molded and a plaster master-sculpture of the Ymir was created as a keepsake by Harryhausen. This figure is cast in hollow bronze and is identical to the orginal animation model in size and every detail. Though a limited edition run of 100 bronzes was anticipated, only twelve plus this proof were ever produced. This unique artist proof features reddish bronze patina, unlike the others. It measures 12 inches tall and 19 in. long.

$3000 - $5000

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Prod. stills from Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature & Creature Walks Among Us (Universal, 1954-56)

Collection of gelatin silver glossy 4 x 5 in. master production set stills from Creature from the Black Lagoon (15+), featuring Richard Carlson and Julie Adams, Revenge of the Creature (25+), featuring John Agar and Lori Nelson, and The Creature Walks Among Us (80+), featuring Jeff Morrow and Leigh Snowden

.$400 - $600

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20 T-Rex puppets from The Beast of Hollow Mountain

(Nassour Brothers, 1956) This incredible collection comprises 20 T-Rex puppets which were used in the famous “dinosaur attack” scene from The Beast of Hollow Mountain. A mixture of Western and dinosaur movie shot in color and widescreen, the movie was the first feature to use miniature rear projection in color to combine the replacement animation with live action and was praised for the realistic quality of the animation. In the closing minutes of the film, this ferocious beast appears attacking a woman and child. The animation sequence lasts nearly 20 minutes, with the creature rampaging and ripping the roof off of a building in its desire to eat them, only to be foiled by the hero who appears on horseback and saves them from certain doom. Legendary stop-motion animator Willis O’Brien wrote the story, but most of the animation work was apparently the work of California-born fine arts sculptor, Henry Lion (1900-1966). The puppets are constructed from fired clay/plaster and feature meticulously hand painted red mouths, white teeth and claws. Each puppet is individually sculpted in a variety of poses for use in the intricate replacement animation sequences with detailed musculature and reptilian skin. Some of the puppets have numbers handwritten on the bottom of the feet; others have number sequences engraved on the tails as reference for the animators. An incredible opportunity to own these artifacts from the golden years of replacement animation.

$20000 - $30000

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Screen-used full-size Monster suit from a General Electric television commercial

This Godzilla-esque monster suit was used in the humorous G.E. commercial, played during the 2006 Olympics, advertising their advanced medical imaging technology. The commercial depicts a group of Japanese children playing on the beach building a sandcastle (with obvious out-of-sync, horribly-dubbed voices) when a seemingly gigantic bipedal lizard, a la Godzilla, stomps over the dune toward them and they approach it to find that it is really the size of a tiny gecko lizard. The motto is, “Catching little problems before they get a chance to grow bigger”. This incredibly detailed suit is constructed of hand-painted foam latex, over a neoprene inner lining.

$4000 - $6000

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Collection of puppets from Big Trouble in Little China including translucent Lo Pan puppet (TCF, 1986)

A wonderful group of screen-used puppets from signature scenes in Big Trouble in Little China. Included are the translucent Lo Pan puppet torso with silicone head and puppet arm. Each is articulated with cable controls and lit from within in the film to create the ghostly spectre of elderly Lo Pan. Also included is the articulated upper torso puppet, puppet mask and swollen feet of the exploding version of Thunder, who, with the aid of air bladders, inflates the body like a balloon and used steam to shoot out of its ears and nostrils in the memorable demise of the character in the film’s climax. In addition, a rough casting of the flying eyeball monster and a number of Beastman puppet/costume pieces including the articulated Beastman mask with cable controls, stunt foam latex mask, underlying mask buck, forearm extensions with claw gloves, body suit, forearm extensions with articulated hand mechanism and costume feet. Most of the pieces show moderate to heavy latex deterioration.

$1200 - $1500

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More to come, as soon as I can get a chance to look through all the listings. Ah, to be rich and impulsive!