New Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Brian Jaynes BOGGY CREEK

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Dread Central / Avery Guerra

Over the past ten months many people have refereed to film maker Brian T. Jaynes film, "Boggy Creek", as a remake of the late Charles B. Pierce's 1972 cult classic, "Legend of Boggy Creek", but as we wade through the severed limbs in these photos, it becomes evident that we have an entirely different type of movie on our hands here.

Indeed, from this batch of photos, which were just released by the Facades FX creature shop, who is doing all the effects work on "Boggy Creek", it would be better to compare Jaynes movie to "Friday the 13th" than the work of Pierce.

In fact, "Boggy Creek" is starting to remind me a lot of James Baack's 3D splatter-fest, "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot", which is on the entire opposite side of the Bigfoot movie spectrum from the original "Legend of Boggy Creek".

That being said, the Sasquatch suits, and gore effects, in these photos, the work of Phil Nichols and Melissa Nichols of Facades FX, look to be of high quality.

This what Phil Nichols had to say about designing the Bigfoot costumes for "Boggy Creek":

"We created three suits. These suits were built on standard under-garment supports with sculpted and molded chest, back, and shoulder enhancements attached and painted in the creature's flesh color paint scheme. Then a special hand-blended synthetic hair mix was painstakingly pasted on the suits in a realistic growth pattern. A lot of hard work went into making these suits. Once the hair was attached, the suits were distressed with local mud and Spanish moss for that lived-in look. The suits were all fabricated on location from components made in our Houston studio."

"For the creature's face standard foam latex facial appliances were sculpted, molded, and fabricated in our Houston studio as well as the dental plates of the creature's teeth. The prosthetics were pre-painted as much as possible in Houston before everything was trucked to Uncertain, Texas, where the on-location part of the shoot was happening. In Uncertain, Facades FX was given access to the town's unused grocery store to convert into a makeshift FX studio. The building worked out great for us."

If there was any doubt that the monster in "Boggy Creek" will be more Jason or Freddy, than "Fouke Monster", this quote from Nichols, about the films make-up effects, should wash any of that away.

"The kills in the script were for the most pretty generic, but there were two that were fully described, and we delivered on them big time! We packed every gore rig, every bag of bones, body parts, wound prosthetics, and chunks of flesh bits we had in our studio and loaded it all up and took it with us. We were able to create some on-the-spot spectacular carnage for the production. While I was finishing the creature suits, Melissa was prepping and pre-painting the entrails and various gore rigs. "

I think that it would be safe to say that the Bigfoot roaming around this swamp won't be satisfied by scaring young girls at slumber parties or people in outhouses. No sir. Sounds to me as if this is going to be one savage Sasquatch who would just as soon pull your head off as look at ya.

Though, this is obviously a rather graphic horror movie, film maker Brian T. Jaynes gives a rather tame description of "Boggy Creek's" storyline, "It's a thriller that centers around a story of five young kids who get caught out in a swamp in Boggy Creek, Texas. They end up crossing paths with an ancient evil creature that lives in the swamp."

......and then the monster terrs them limb from limb.....and eats them.

I added that last part.

Even with all the carnage, I'm willing to bet that Pierce's original "Legend of Boggy Creek" will still deliver more chills.

Hey, you can never compete with a classic.

Here is a whole blood-soaked swamp full of behind-the-scenes pics from "Boggy Creek":

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