Rialto Planning to Re-Release Classic 1954 'Godzilla' Back in Theaters

Godzilla - Godzilla Raids Again - Signed and Numbered Poster Print

From First Showing

He's back again! Uncensored! The original Japanese monster that started it all. We know WB is bringing us a brand new Godzilla movie this year, directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters) with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but before then we're getting a throwback to the classics that introduced us to the giant lizard monster. Back in 2004, Rialto Pictures commissioned a brand new digital restoration of the uncut 1954 Japanese classic, Godzilla, or Gojira (which is also now on Blu-ray), and released it in theaters around the US. Now they're bringing it back for its 60th anniversary as well as upcoming release of the new Godzilla movie this summer.

The Rialto Pictures Godzilla page (since they have still the rights for the theatrical re-run) has been updated with some very basic details for the upcoming 2014 re-release of the film. Gojira will begin playing in New York at Film Forum starting mid-April this year - just in time for the new Godzilla in May. It will play at various other theaters in New Mexico, Portland, Washington, Texas, Kentucky and Ohio (with more likely to be added). We expect WB/Legendary to go all out with Godzilla marketing this summer, including possibly additional screenings/plans so stay tuned for updates.



  1. Another one? Isn't the restoration by Classic Media and Criterion Collection enough? How many restorations do we need?

  2. its not Gareth "Evans" its Gareth Edwards. Come on dude, we dont want people searching up gareth evans and not finding what they want now do we?

  3. OMG! I can't believe the folks over at "First Showing" fumbled that. Don't worry I fixed it on this end. Good eye Christiano!

  4. Oddly enough, Gareth Evens is also a film director ...


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