Two Jet Fighters Chasing A UFO?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Youtube

Anonymous videos like this pop up on Youtube all the time and with the level of computer generated special effects available to just about anyone these days it is hard to tell if a video like this is the real McCoy or a real pile of mule muffins?

There was no description or information of any kind posted with the video but according to a few sites I found ... allegedly... a hiker was enjoying a lakeside stroll, just filming the scenery, when the silence is broken by the sound of jets overhead. What happens next speaks for itself. Two jet fighters either chasing or escorting a UFO.

If it's a fake .... well it's pretty good!


  1. Either those jets are the size of aircraft carriers, or the US has jets that go 60 mph with afterburners.

  2. It's a beautiful fake, but it is a fake. The jets are flying way too close to each other for any kind of flying outside of an airshow. And they are in the same perfect formation with the UFO in both views.

  3. ologeek I agree. Navy and Airforce jets do fly that close. All three are in formation and traveling at the same speed. Pixelated video to hide the flaws.


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