Beware! Jurassic Park 4 Will Get A Terrifying New Dinosaur

From Cinema Blend

There is still a long time to go before Colin Trevorrow’s long-awaited sequel Jurassic Park 4 hits theaters next summer. Not like, as long as it’s been since dinosaurs actually walked the Earth or anything, but filmgoers are an impatient bunch, especially when it’s already assumed that news about such a high profile project is going to trickle out like droplets from a bad faucet. And so in the meantime, we have the still very worthwhile Jurassic Park 3D to offer some relief.

Hopefully the 3D element isn’t too scary for anybody waiting for Jurassic Park 4 though, because it just so happens a brand new species of dinosaur will fiercely saunter its way into the film. An article in USA Today celebrated Jurassic Park’s 20 year anniversary, interviewing paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as a dinosaur adviser for the film. He’s also advising for the fourth film, and presented the film’s first teaser by way of cryptic spookery, promising an appearance from a dinosaur never before seen on screen.


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