Star Trek Into Darkness Release Date Pushed Back To August

From Fansshare

Fans of the Star Trek franchise have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new movie Star Trek Into Darkness but it seems that their patience is about to be tested, as they will now have to wait even longer for the official release date of the movie.

While we all thought that we would get to finally cast our eyes over the Star Trek Into Darkness movie on the big screen next month, it seems that we will now have to wait even longer for it to be released, as the release date has now had to be changed.

It has been confirmed that the Star Trek Into Darkness release date has had to be pushed back and, instead of being released on May 17, as we had been led to believe, it has now been delayed and will be released on August 9 in both the US and the UK.


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  1. You do realize this is one of those damned April Fools' jokes, right? A person can't trust near any news published around this time--I wonder what will need to happen to absolutely end this stupidity!


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