Justice League of America (1960 1st Series) #128, March 1976 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VF

Justice League of America (1960 1st Series) #128, March 1976 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VF

$12.00 USD - Order Here

1st printing.

This comic book is in used condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has some flaws that warrant a VF grade.

Note: Comic has very mild spine roll and mild damage to bottom right hand corner.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Script by Martin Pasko, pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Frank McLaughlin.

On individual cases, the JLA members experience visions of their own imminent deaths, and as a result are filled with a resolve to quit risking their lives as super-heroes, and to disband the Justice League.

Simultaneously, Green Lantern is overcome by Nekron, an alien who feeds on others' fear, and the creator of the other heroes' death-visions. (Green Lantern is the only JLA member immune to Nekron's power, since a Green Lantern must be born without fear; thus, the alien must defeat GL physically.)

Wonder Woman rejoins the ranks, only to find herself the only member unaffected by Nekron's death-visions. Despite her rallying efforts, Nekron defeats the heroes, and then threatens to wipe out Midway City with a solar flare, unless Hawkman shows up to stop him.

Still under the spell of fear, Hawkman has Hawkgirl leave the city, apparently abandoning his adopted home to its doom.


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