Rare George Reeves Photo Acquired

by Armand Vaquer

Above, Armand with a photo of George Reeves with his rifle collection. Photo by Jes.
This week, I managed to obtain a photo print (the details of which are confidential) from a photo shoot by former 1930s child actor Bill Seay (known then as Billy Seay) (1922-2012) of Adventures of Superman star George Reeves in his Benedict Canyon home.

Reeves is pictured in a tuxedo (sort of like James Bond, but this pre-dates the first Sean Connery Bond, Doctor No, by 3 years) with his rifle collection.

The photo was taken during a photo shoot by Seay purportedly on the weekend before Reeves's June 16, 1959 death. The photo session included the below well-known photo of Reeves sitting on his front porch.

Above, George Reeves on the front porch of his Benedict Canyon home.
It is a nice print and I will be matting and framing it shortly.


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