Godzilla #19, February 1979 Issue - Marvel Comics

Godzilla #19, February 1979 Issue - Marvel Comics

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1st printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has very few flaws that warrant a NM grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Story by Doug Moench. Art by Herb Trimpe and Dan Green.

Rob and Godzilla emerge from the sewer systems of New York. Godzilla is now roughly six-feet tall. Rob tries to keep him calm and Godzilla seems receptive to Rob's pleas. The boy even finds a trench-coat and hat to obscure Godzilla's features as they try to hide in the back alleyways. Two muggers try to accost him, but Godzilla shreds through his disguise and sends them running after he blasts them with his atomic fire breath.

Later, Rob and Godzilla encounter Dugan's team on the docks. Dugan tries to fire a tranquilizer dart, but Gabe Jones, believing that Dugan was firing an actual gun, spoils his shot. Godzilla lets loose with a burst of fire, but Dugan deflects it with a trash can lid. He then picks up a pole arm and rushes the monster, but Godzilla easily disarms him. Failing that, Dugan tries fisticuffs, but Godzilla backhands him, sending Dugan sprawling. Gabe leaps upon Godzilla's back, but this too proves to be a poor tactic. Godzilla snaps his head forward, sending Gabe flying off the ledge of the dock. While the monster's attention is focused on Jones, Dugan attacks him from behind with a drop-kick. Gabe climbs back up onto the dock, but Godzilla grabs him with both claws and pitches him into the water. Turning, he punches Dugan in the face, knocking him to the ground. Godzilla lumbers off into the night and Rob screams "Come back!", but the monster doesn't heed him this time. Godzilla is alone and loose in the streets of New York. A look of consternation crosses Dugan's face as he realizes that Pym's shrinking formula is quickly wearing off. Godzilla is growing bigger!

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