Sex And Drugs In The New Harry Potter Movie!?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

It is a funny thing that I was just writing about the movie "Trainspotting" yesterday in reference to casting news for the "Doctor Who" television series, and today I am referencing the film again when writing about "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Indeed the film, which features a group of heroin addicted youths, is being compared to the latest film in the Harry Potter franchise by non other than Daniel Radcliffe. In a recent interview conducted as the film wrapped up shooting, Radcliffe insisted that there are moments in the picture which are very similar to scenes in Ewan McGregor's controversial 1996 film. He says, "There's a fair amount of sexual energy and drug parallels. We have a couple of Trainspotting moments." Sexual energy? Drug parallels? In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

I understand that the characters in Harry Potter are getting older and the kids that grew up with the books and movies are getting older, but this may be crossing the line. What, is the gang at Hogwarts going to trade in magic spells for magic mushrooms? Is Hermione Granger going to invite Ron and Harry to play "spin the bottle", or "strip poker"? I know you want to keep the adults who are bringing their kids to the movie entertained, but maybe we should keep the content geared for the little ones......okay.


  1. I REALLY don't know what this guy is getting at. I read the book MILLIONS of times and there wasn't a single reference to drugs visible. The most you can say is that there are a couple of characters who get drunk, some snogging and a hint that Harry's having wet dreams about Ginny (if you squint). But to throw drug and sex references into the film? Yeah, RIGHT! Controversy's neeeded to boost audiences, all right, so with the series now complete for over a year I guess Radcliffe wants to ensure people actually go to see his [sarcasm] absolutely flawless [/sarcasm] acting at the cinema. I bet those so called references will be so tiny you'll have to use a magnifying glass to get them. HONESTLY.

  2. I totally agree with Cruciare-Mors above. There is nothing like that in the book and I don't see them jeapordizing the movie franchise like that. Just a bunch of "stuff".

  3. I agree with cruciare-mors and jimf.

    I've read those books many times over and I didn't see anything.

    Now are you suggesting that Hollywood is screwing up the stories and putting this in?
    I wouldn't doub tit.


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