The Odds Of James Nesbitt Being The Next Doctor...Don't Put Your Money On It!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: BBC

Although there has been no official announcement that David Tennant is leaving "Doctor Who" rumors of who may replace him have been swirling like a Texas dust-devil. The latest actor in the mix is "Murphy's Law" star James Nesbitt. According to odds makers in the UK, Nesbitt is the presently the favorite to succeed Tennant with 6-1 odds in his favor. Yes, bookies in the UK are accepting bets on this.

Earlier this week on "The Graham Norton Show" Nesbitt had this to say about the odds of seeing him aboard the Tardis, "I know nothing about that. I wouldn't put a lot of money on it.

"I would find it very hard to follow David Tennant [but] my daughters would worship me forever because they're obsessed by it."

As a coincidence on that very same program Catherine Tate hinted that her days as the Doctor's companion may also be coming to a close when see expressed a strong desire to get back to her hit comedy series. She explained, "Not right now, but I wouldn't rule it out – specials or something with the old lady character."

All of this has come to light just as reports had surfaced that "Trainspotting"(There's that movie again!) star Robert Carlyle was presently in negotiations for the role of the Doctor.

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  1. The rumors about Nesbitt have been around since last December. There was also a rumor then that Russell T. Davies was very keen on having Harry Lloyd (who played in last season's "Human Nature" and Family of Blood" episodes. Only time will tell...


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