William Shatner Set For Cameo In Star Trek 2

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

Boy, they are really cooking along on the sequel to J.J. Abrams new "Star Trek" movie. It was just announced yesterday that Paramount was so certain that the film was going to be a big hit, that they had already started plans for the next movie. Here we are 24 hours later and we have our first casting rumor.

It should come to no surprise to anyone that follows all things "Trek" that William Shatner was a bit "bent out of shape" that he wasn't cast in Abrams reboot. Shatner certainly didn't mind jawing about it, anytime he was asked about the film. Well, it looks like the the folks over at Paramount, got the message, and are now eager to get the actor into the next movie.

A (un-named) source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "It's well known Bill was disappointed not to get a cameo (in the 2009 film). But now Paramount Pictures has been given the go-ahead for a sequel and there are hopes he'll make a brief appearance."

Okay, now that it looks like Shatner is going to get his wish to be in another "Star Trek" movie, what kind of part is he going to play? There is, of course, a new actor playing the part of James T Kirk, so where would he fit in? Would he play the new Kirk's father? A Starfleet commander? A villain perhaps? Maybe a Gorn?

We all can understand that it must be hard for Bill to see someone else playing the role he made famous.

I just hope they don't just prop him up in a corner of some scene as an extra or something.

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  1. Please let this NOT be an April's Fools' gag!

  2. I don't believe this for a second. If this new film is a success, you can just about guarantee that Paramount will treat it (Nimoy or otherwise) as a reboot of the franchise, deliberately distancing it from the past in any way possible. That means not wheeling out Bill Shatner for a cameo just to remind people that the new Kirk isn't the old Kirk. With all due respect to Shatner (who is still the best Captain in franchise history), if it flies at the box office, there's no real reason to have original cast members or spin-off regulars popping in. Audiences will have shown a willingness to accept the new crew, so GENERATIONS-style crossovers will be redundant and important only to the die-hard fanboys. My guess is Abrams only brought Nimoy on board for this one to appease the hand-wringing accountants, who were afraid a full-fledged, slate-wiping reboot would piss off the loyal fanbase too much. He didn't ask Martin Landau or Peter Graves to appear in M:I3, did he?


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