Monday, March 23, 2009

Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle

Take Her For A Spin! $34.99

The most anticipated Star Trek movie in years is going to open in a few short months. Story details have been largely kept quiet, but the good folks at Playmates sent along images of their new toy line, giving you a glimpse of things like this Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle.

While it retains some elements of the original, little modifications have been made across its plastic frame. The old deflector dish is still there, but the nacelles have been re-imagined and are considerably rounder than previous incarnations. Also worth mentioning, this nifty toy has electronic lights and sounds. So, it's more than just another pretty face. Don't miss out on this one. Add to your ship collection with this awesome vessel!

Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle Description:

Here's your Enterprise!
Faithfully detailed, scaled model.
Lights, sounds, and a unique presentation base.

Dock this in your display or toy box! Here's your faithfully detailed, scaled model of the USS Enterprise, exactly as it appears in the movie. It features lights and sounds from the film, and it comes with a presentation base that attaches to the lower hull and allows you to actually change the ship's position. Dock this in your display or toy box! Requires 3x "AAA" batteries (not included).

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