James Baack Pays Tribute To Hammer With DRACULA'S ORGY OF THE DAMNED

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: James Baack

Chicago area film maker James Baack has been very eager to get back behind the camera after producing his first full-length feature film "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot", so he has been essentially been juggling two film ideas, going back-and-forth between them trying to decide which one to tackle first. Right after "Bloody Rage" was in the can Baack announced that his next film would be "Orgy of the Damned" which would follow the exploits of two Salem era witches. Soon after that announcement, the film maker switched gears and announced that "The Sisters of St.Tommy Gun", a film about Elite Female Mercenaries fighting bad guys and monsters in Mexico, was soon going to begin filming.

Well, after assessing how much "St. Tommy Gun" was going to cost to make, Baack again has gone back to his initial movie idea, though it has now been reworked and renamed "Dracula's Orgy of the Damned."

According to Baack, this film will be a lot more tame than "Bloody Rage" and is more of a tribute to classic horror than pure grind house, "This movie will be a lot shorter than BROB. I'm hoping for 80-90 min running time and will have little or no swearing. I'm kind of tipping a hat to the old Hammer films but not a copy at all."

That's good, nobody likes a copy-cat.

Along with a new script, "Orgy" will feature a couple of new leading ladies, along with some familiar faces. Baack adds, "I have 2 AWESOME new ladies Cassandra and Colleen Carajval. They will play Dracula's minions. Karolina and Alicja (Kasha and Gosha) will be returning as well as Ron Feryeriesen. Andrea (Satantha) may play a small role."

No word from Baack yet about the new story line for this one, but the film maker promises to keep us up to date about everything that goes on, just like he did for "Bloody Rage".

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