Friday, July 31, 2009

Baack's Hardcore Bigfoot Babes....With Guns!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: James Baack / Avery Guerra

Over the past few months I have learned quite a few things about "Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" director James Baack. The indie film maker loves Bigfoot, gore, crazy ass clowns, Illinois Bigfoot groups and lovely ladies.

Today, I learned yet another thing about James, he really, really, really loves girls with guns. Yes, he's one of those guys.

Now, I get it, hot girls with 'big f***ing guns'. It's like hot girls posed with cars, or boats, or, heck, anything guy related. The best of both worlds, I get it.

Recently Baack launched a website featuring his two leading ladies, Andrea Hutchison and Tina Boivin , called "The House of Sin". At the present moment it is nothing more than dozens of pictures of the two lovely actresses posing with guns. There's even one with both Andrea and Tina pulling there 'big guns' out on Baack himself. I'm sure that one got him all worked up.

Honestly he would be getting more hits if he worked the "girl on girl fun" angle, but I'm certain that the "girls with guns" stuff probably works as well.

Oh, and remember guys, this film is in 3D!

Here's a copy of the letter James sent me, that pretty much sums up what's been going on in "Bloody Bigfoot Babes With Guns Land":

We had a great shoot last Tuesday, Totally Blood-Soaked. Unfortunately, I got a bit injured during the shoot.
I bruised 2 ribs but it's all in the name of art.

At this point we are at about the halfway point of our production. We have about 20 hours of film and footage that needs to be chopped down to about 45 min.

We have a HUGE scene to do this coming Sunday. We will be shooting on a small farm near the Illinois / Wisconsin border in a little town called Antioch. There we will be filming our "pre-title" sequence where we introduce the audience to "Satantha" and "Loosey-Fur".

If it all goes as planed, we should have the most intense and disturbing scene of the entire film.

Speaking of "Satantha" and "Loosey-Fur", their website is now up and running. It is called "The House of Sin."

Right now it is still in the "infant" stages. We have a lot more photos to upload as well as getting the store started.

Meanwhile, please enjoy these sample pictures of the "Demonic-Duo" as well as two characters from the film: "Kasha" and "Gosha". Brilliantly played by our lovely actresses Karolina and Alicja Ziecina. You see see them at work in our "Teaser Trailer #2." Also featured is our young actress Allison Gascon. Who plays an "innocent" at a teen-age girls sleep-over early in the film.

Here is the sexy 'girls with guns' action shots:

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  1. guns and girls hmmmm? this defintely it's gonna explote in every moment, this remind the video game "Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes", hail to the king baby!