Friday, July 10, 2009

Satantha And Loosey-Fur The Two Wicked Witches From The Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: James Baack / Avery Guerra

Director James Baack is certainly keeping the readers here at Monster Island News up to date on every little detail about his ultra-gory and ultra-gonzo horror film, "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot." Today he has once again sent us a big old batch of pics of the two wicked young witches who will battle cryptozoology's biggest star, the legendary great ape of the American wild lands, Bigfoot.

We have already been introduced to the lovely Andrea Hutchison, who plays "Satantha", an interesting young woman who loves to dress up in a guerrilla costume and pig mask and cut up reporters. Today we get to see the equally fetching Tina Boivin, who plays the other part of Baack's demonic-duo "Loosey-Fur". Baack hasn't mentioned what her special fetish is yet.

The two actresses have agreed to be featured on a special website about their characters called "Satantha and Loosey-Fur House of Sin". The second that goes live, I will let you know.

Baack is still working feverishly on the film. Recently some Bigfoot research groups showed up at one of the filming locations and caused quite a ruckus.

Baack explains, "We actually had protesters at a site where we filmed at last week. Apparently some Illinois and Wisconsin Bigfoot believers did not agree with our philosophy on Sasquatch and actually were at the location do give us a hard time.

I actually LOVED it and will feature it on the documentary."

Come on people, this supposed to be a fun movie, don't take it so seriously. A movie like this does absolutely nothing to deter genuine Bigfoot research. It's just a movie!

Here are Andrea Hutchison and Tina Boivin who play "Satantha" and "Loosey-Fur" in all their twisted glory:

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