The Crypto Reporter - Monster Sightings From Around The World (Issue #7)

MUST SEE VIDEO: Has Bigfoot Been Found?

POLAND -- Does this video prove that Bigfoot really exists? The couple that shot the video seem convinced it does. According to The Sun newspaper, Justyna Folger was vacationing in Poland when she spotted the creature. "At first I thought it was a bear but then it raised itself on to two legs and ran off. I couldn't believe it." Do you believe her story?

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Caught on Tape? Bigfoot Swiping Candy, Man Claims
Cleveland News - Fox 8 - Jessica Dabrowski

ASHEBORO, N.C. — A candy bar and thermal imaging equipment are said to have captured pictures of an elusive creature whose existence has been debated for centuries.

According to WGHP-TV, Mike Greene, a former fraud investigator, claimed he has proof Bigfoot was lurking in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina over a year ago.

Greene is now sharing the video that, he said, can't be anything other than Sasquatch.

Watch WGHP's report to form your own conclusion about what was moving through the trees that night.

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Chupacabra Monster May Be Mitey-er Than First Imagined
AOL News

As stories continue to emerge from Mexico and the American Southwest of a legendary creature known as the chupacabra (Spanish for "goat sucker"), identifying at least a few of these animals may be a more simple task.

Some researchers now believe the mysterious four-legged killer and livestock blood sucker may, in fact, be coyotes infected by tiny, eight-legged parasites, or mites.

"It's easy to try and convince people that something might exist because of fears and speculation, but it's a whole lot harder to prove that something doesn't exist," said Robert Roy Britt, editor-in-chief of

"It's a wonderful explanation and I'm glad there's scientific proof for what we already knew, but it doesn't explain a lot of the reports from Puerto Rico and other places," said Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

The strange physical characteristics of these creatures have been seen on videos and photos taken of the hairless coyotelike animals in rural areas.

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Bigfoot Sighting In West Virginia
Ghost Theory

“I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen such a thing,” said Crooked Run resident Stephen Summers, 44.

Summers claims he saw an ape-like creature Tuesday afternoon walking down an electric right-of-way, a short distance from Arnoldsburg along State Rt. 16.

“Everybody is laughing at me, but I saw it. I swear to God,” Summers said.

Summers (shown right) was traveling south in a car, looking out a passenger side window when he claims he spotted the Big Foot or Sasquatch-like creature on a hillside across the West Fork of the Little Kanawha.

“It was tall, about nine feet, hairy and the prettiest black I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I could see between its’ legs. Its’ legs looked as big as five-gallon buckets,” Summers said.

Summers said the driver of the vehicle couldn’t stop because a car was “on his tail,” indicating the driver and a passenger didn’t see the creature, “But they believe I saw it.”

“I’ve been in the woods all my life. I wasn’t drunk,” he said, again proclaiming, “God in heaven, be my witness, I saw it. I’ll take it to my grave.”

Summers said he had heard about other sighting in the Arnoldsburg area a few years ago.

“I know a lot of people won’t believe me, but I wanted them to know anyway,” he concluded.

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25th anniversary of Congo search for Loch Ness Monster-type creature

THIS week marks the 25th anniversary of when Territorial Army Sgt Joe Della-Porta, then 22, went off to the Congo in search of a mythical Loch Ness type monster - the Mokle Membembo.

The monster, a dinosaur type creature, was said to have been sighted many times, but never photographed. Joe was part of a four-man team taking part in the five-month expedition.

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