UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (12th Issue)

UFO's Military Exercises in China

Do you believe with the existence of UFO? Indeed, the emerging of UFO becomes hot news today. Moreover, it also becomes a big homework for the researchers whether it is truly UFO or not. UFO or we usually called as “Unidentified Flying Object” believed as alien’s plane that can disappear fast. However, it becomes a hot news and big question to the researchers, further people around the world; some of people believe that there is UFO in this earth. In contrast, there some people do not believe with that Unidentified Flying Object. Now, you have heard about the hot news in China. Actually, in October 6, 2010, UFO reported emerges in Chinese airport. UFO over China is not new news anymore. The reason is that it has emerged in China for eight times since June 2010.

The early emerging on September 11, 2010, UFO also emerged in the airport at Baotou in Inner Mongolia. This emerging reported that has duration of appearance for about an hour. If you use your logic, you are able to see the real UFO because an hour is long enough to someone or somebody to see and analyze whether the UFO is real or not. In addition, the Chinese government add by claimed that the emerging of UFO over Chinese airport on September 11, 2010 as UFO’s military exercises, but those exercises have no incident.

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Similar to daylight sighting in Manhattan recently
Sky Valley Chronicle

Visitors from outer space? A prank perhaps? A news photographer for a local El Paso, Texas TV station took this footage of some mysterious lights in the skies over east Texas in mid October.

The event caused a big buzz in the UFO community because the lights are eerily similar to the pattern of strange lights seen in broad daylight in Manhattan in New York City not long before this incident.

Below is the TV news report in Texas that first broadcast the story:

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World leaders briefed on UFO battle near Earth

World leaders have been briefed on a devastating UFO battle between Zetan 'Grey' And Sirian aliens on the fringes of the Zeta Reticuli around 39 light years away that has claimed the lives of over for hundred thousand alien beings. Most of the casualties were Zetan Aliens known colloquially on Earth as 'Greys'. A few hundred casualties were of the highly advanced Sirians whose consciousnesses are able to be placed in new bodies.

Frantic communications between the US President and alien groups such as Andromedans who are friendly to Earth, have assured our leaders that the incident poses no threat to Earth.

The conflict began when bandit Greys threatened Sirian power in the region which includes our solar system. Greys are seen by many as a potential threat to Earth and hostile to humanity. The 'Grey' bandit leader, Ru-Illiar was killed in the event which saw seven hundred mostly Zetan UFO craft destroyed in a dramatic space battle and a Zetan lunar colony in Zeta Reticuli obliterated.

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California driver reports triangle UFO at 300 feet

I was driving from santa barbara to my home in santa maria i was at a friends house and left his house around 3:30 am nov 3 2010 taking the 101 highway heading north just past the highway that leads to san marcos pass and the michael jackson neverland ranch i hit a stretch of highway where it was pitch black and i was thinking i hope i dont hit a dear at that moment something in the sky to my right caught my eye hovering in the sky very low maybe a hundred yards up was a triangular craft making no sound i slowed and blinked to double check my vision and it was still there i kept my eyes on it as much as i could to be safe maybe after around two minutes it rotating clockwise very slowly then it climbed and made a gradule right turn and got smaller and smaller until it left my sight. when i was positive i was witnessing this i felt a chill from the tips of my fingers to my toes one last strange detail i made out was it looked liquidy i could see little ripples like wakes on water.kind of like it was transparent.

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UFO Over New Jersey: Boomerang UFO Sighting Reported By Witnesses

UFO Over New Jersey: Boomerang UFO Sighting Reported By Witnesses. The reports of UFO were aplenty in the month of October and they came rushing in from all quarters of the United States of America. And it was not just the US of A that had been in the vigilant eyes of some alien planets either; apparently, they had a close eye on China as well as far as the rest of the world were concerned.

But as the last month bid adieu to us, we were expecting that the reports of the sightings of the unidentified flying objects would dwindle away into the depths of oblivion with the passing of the month. However, now we see that it was not to be as new UFO stories climb the mountain of fame and attract our attention.

If previously it was the places like Richmond, Illinois or Louisiana that were reporting such stories only to be nullified at a later stage, they now have got back up and support in the form of New Jersey. Previously, most of the sightings that were made were linked to some flickering lights that formed together to take any or every geometric shape.

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Archeology Team Digs for UFO Evidence in New Mexico

Every UFO true believer has their own theory about the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. This month an archeology team from the University of New Mexico is using modern technology to find solid evidence to prove what really happened.

“We engaged in a highly credible standard archeological investigation of a piece of landscape that has been warranted to be the location of a flying-saucer event,” said Dick Chapman, director of UNM’s Office of Contract Archeology.

Sponsored by the Sci-Fi Channel, his team has so far spent $26,000 digging up a nine acre area of ground northwest of Roswell. Their bid to investigate the alleged Roswell UFO crash is being filmed by Sci-Fi for an upcoming documentary.

“The summed evidence from the hearsay-level knowledge really points to this [nine-acre sector] as being a recognized potential crash site (of) a UFO,” he added.

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Strange Light Seen in Virginia Night Sky
MyFox Detroit

A light that was lurking in the Virginia night sky has grabbed some attention. Some people who saw it think it was a UFO.

"The lights – it was so bring at nighttime," said Brian Fains. "I thought it was a UFO."

It was in the night sky just above Lee Highway when shoppers looked up and saw something weird in Centreville, Virginia on Wednesday night.

Fains quickly grabbed his phone, turned on the camera and recorded the erratic blue light in the night sky. He said it flew around for about ten minutes.

"It was just a distinct blue light, it never like flashed or blinked or (anything)," Fains said.

"It's weird," he added. "You normally see this type of stuff in movies, but just as long as we're here, I'm pretty sure there (are) other people or other things somewhere."

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